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Return a Lost Love... or find a new one!

One Year Unconditional Guarantee
Since 1970 we've stood behind our one year unconditional guarantee: If you're not completely satisfied, we'll refund your money. Period. No questions asked.
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  • Afraid of losing the love of your life?
  • In a relationship that needs fixing?
  • Looking for the "right" person?
A Master Psychic can bless an amulet for you or cast a spell to help you enjoy the rich life filled with love and happiness.
The Love Wanga
For those who seek love, friendship, want a past lover to return or a present lover to commit.
Witch Doctor Love Spell Kit
Brings affection, warmth, laughter and love back into your life! Ends loneliness, ensures happiness. Amazing results!
Compatibility Solution Spell
Fix your compatibility. Save your relationship.
Retrieve a Lover
If you long for the return of a lost lover...there is something you can do about it!
Love Voodoo Doll
Voodoo is a powerful mystical practice that can bring spectacular gifts and rewards to anyone who believes, who is willing to place his destiny in the hands of loving spirits, who await the call of service.
Deliver My Love Spell
Are you heartbroken and terrified that the love of your life has gone and may not return?
Invisible Spell: Bring My Sweet Love Home to Me
Mattias will penetrate your loved oneís subconscious to plant the seeds of forgiveness, kindness, passion, loyalty and unconditional love.
Triple Cast Spells
The Mother of All Spells! A master psychic will cast your spell once, then again, then one more time!
Three-In-One: Lover is Remorseful-Lover Apologizes-Lover Stays
If you have done everything possible to fix your love life, but to no avail, then perhaps itís time to call upon an expert.
U-Turn: From Heartbreak to Happiness
This dynamic U-Turn spell is designed to embed the seeds of commitment and love in your special person.
Blazing Fast Relationship Mender Spell
Regardless of who's involved or the nature of the relationship, you have come to the right place.
Dissolve Your Relationship Problems Spell
What would you give if you could dramatically turn your relationship around in a one-eighty?
Spell of The Purring Cat
Do you want to mesmerize your man, control him, and keep him home? The Spell of the Purring Cat has been created for you.
Bring My Lover Home Spell
Do you have a great love whom you desperately want to return?
Homecoming Spell
It's time for your lover to come back home to you.
Invisible Spell: Plant Seeds of Desire & Lust
Is your loved one inhibited, holding back and not giving you the passion and physical pleasure you so deserve?
Surge Your Compatibility
Is the partner you care for deeply thinking about leaving? Let a Master Psychic plant the seeds of reconsideration and reconciliation.
Andreika's Lover-Friend-Companion Spell
I, Andreika, will merge my soul with yours and cast my spell to change your love life from frustrating to fulfilling, from disappointing to amazing, and from hopeless to wildly successful.
Leonardo, the Mystic
Allow Leonardo to take you by the hand and return you to your true path in life -- a relationship overflowing with what Leonardo calls the Four Capital Lís: Laughter, Lust, Loyalty and Love.
Desire Me Spell
Achieve your dreams of being desired and loved.
Stay with Me, My Love Spell
Stay with me, my love, Stay close, stay warm, stay put.

Cast Three Times: Morning, Noon and Night

Recapture Your Loverís Love Spell
The Recapture Your Loverís Love spell is specifically designed for couples who are having serious compatibility problems.
For Love & Money Spell
Everyone has a dream, an aspiration, a wish that if fulfilled would make their life great!
Bewitch-Capture-Keep Your Lover Spell
It's time for your lover to realize you are the best person, the ďonlyĒ person, who can ensure their happiness.

Cast Three Times: Morning, Noon, and Night

Make Us a Great Couple Spell
Mend your dysfunctional relationship and return it to the happy and trusting relationship you had in the beginning.
Burton's Red-Hot Love & Cold Cash Money Spell
Two potent spells in one, cast by the Master Psychic Burton.
Five Star Marriage Spell
Be the couple that "has it all"!
Invisible Spell: Reconcile Our Relationship
Although it may appear you have run out of options, you know in your heart if only given the chance you could make this relationship what it once was.
Be Kind to Me Spell
The Be Kind to Me spell is designed to plant the seeds of calm and reason within the subconscious of your loved one.
Uninhibited Lust
Prepare yourself not only for spine-tingling excitement but a vastly improved relationship as well.
Warp Speed Reconciliation
If you are currently having relationship problems, it's time to act quickly and decisively!
Reconcile Your Differences Spell
Troubled relationship? Letís see if the Reconcile Your Differences spell could work for you.
Andreika's Retrieve Your Lover ASAP! Spell
Andreikaís Retrieve Your Lover ASAP spell could fulfill your destiny and bring you the happiness and success that is just over the horizon.
Love, Lust, Laughter, Luxuries Spell
There is no need for you to proceed through life without having it all.
Red Flag Alert:  Return to Me ASAP! Spell
The Red Flag Alert: Return to Me ASAP spell is designed to bring you the happiness, joy and security you truly deserve.
Burton's Sweetheart Spell
Do you dream of being loved unconditionally? Do you wish your loved one would treat you sweetly and lovingly with all their heart?
Dominate Your Lover's Mind
It's time to take the bull by the horns and get exactly what you need.
Invisible Spell: Breakup That Couple
So many relationships are simply meant not-to-be. If this is the case Ė and you have no doubt about it Ė you can do something about it!
Three Wishes: Love! Lust! Loyalty!
Do you dream of receiving love, lust and loyalty from your loved one?
Three-In-One: Quick Luck-Quick Fortune-Quick Compatibility
Youíve worked hard and led a good life. You deserve life's rewards as much, or even more so, than other ďluckyĒ people.
Dissolve Anger & Hostility Spell
The Dissolve Anger and Hostility spell is designed specifically to lower the level of anger and hostility while allowing calm and reasoning to take over.
Invisible Spell: Bulletproof Our Relationship
The Bulletproof Our Relationship Invisible spell is specifically designed to protect and preserve a relationship in jeopardy.
Three-In-One: Lost Love-Heart Throb Returns-Finally Together
This your opportunity to receive the valuable assistance of a talented Master Psychic so you and your "heart throb" can finally be together.
Follow Your Heart Spell
Are you certain your relationship should be saved? Then save it!
Black Magic Reunite with Your Lover Spell
Penetrate Your Loved Oneís Subconscious to Renew Their Love for You! Learn More
Killer Compatibility
If your relationship has been on a downward spiral for some time, the Killer Compatibility spell could be just what you need to bring you the ultimate happiness you so deserve.
U-Turn: From Loverís Coldness to Compassion
Is your relationship floundering because the person you care for so much is not giving you the warmth and tender-loving-care you so desire?
Love Spell Powerhouse
Lift your relationship to heights of pleasure and success you never thought possible.

Cast Three Times: Morning, Noon, and Night

Invisible Spell: Unconditional Love & Passion
Before your partner realizes it, the two of you could be experiencing the incredible pleasures of love and lust that you thought was merely a fantasy.
Sweet Love Spell
A Master Psychic who specializes in troubled relationships could plant the seeds of Sweet Love in the person of your choice.
Andreika's Blood New Moon, New Beginnings Spell
Experience love, laughter, and security in a revitalized relationship by enhancing the new moon's mind-altering effects.
Gypsy Make Him Love Me
Request a Gypsy Hypnotic spell to be cast in your behalf, and let our expert concentrate on your one overriding desire - to have your man love you with all his heart.
Invisible Spell: End Loneliness/Re-ignite Old Love
Would you like to wake up each morning beside the person you love and admire Ė in particular, with that old flame youíd like to rekindle?
Burton's Love Me, Don't Leave Me Spell
The ultimate spell to keep your loved one in place until they come to their senses.
Let's Try Again Spell
If a very important relationship has already dissolved or is in present danger of being destroyed, the Letís Try Again spell could be the answer to your prayers.
Voodoo Love Amulet
The power to attract that special person.
Invisible Spell: Get Inside Lover's Head to Respect & Love Me
If you are frustrated and upset that you are not getting the respect and love you so deserve, this is your opportunity to have world-class Master Psychic Mattias take up your cause.
Get Inside Your Lover's Head
Your precious relationship could experience a dramatic improvement, resulting in a long-lasting compatibility that will be the envy of all who know you.
Three Wishes: Soul Mate! Companionship! End Loneliness
Do you dream of meeting your soul mate? And having this friend and companion who will be there for you during good times and bad?
Milk & Honey Spell
Are you in need of an instant surge of love, money, and happiness?
Thunder & Lightning Spell
Look closely into the eyes of your loved one...and see the fire and passion and excitement that could elevate your relationship to new and delectable heights.
Three-In-One: Hypnotizing Lover-Hot, Volcanic Love-Sensual Compatibility
Would you like to have a sensational physical relationship with your very special person?
Invisible Spell: Make Me Incredibly Sexy, Desirable, Irresistible
The gifted Master Psychic Mattias designed this powerful Invisible spell to bring your sensuality to the surface.
Heal My Relationship Spell
Align your spirit with your loved one and put your relationship back on the same track!
Repair a Troubled Relationship Spell
If you despair over the deteriorating situation in your relationship with a loved one, there is something you can do.
Three-In-One: Success in Relationships-Success in Finances-Success in Happiness
Wouldn't it be nice to get up each morning knowing you have exceeded your dreams of success in love, in money matters, in happiness?
Burton's Fall in Love with Me Again Spell
If you are frustrated, angry and hurt that your loved one is not responding to reason, Burton has designed this potent spell specifically for you.
Mega Love, Mega Rich, Mega Happy Spell
Three spells in one to fulfill your most extravagant dreams.
U-Turn: From Indifference to Irresistible Attraction to Me
This is your opportunity to win over that special person so they finally realize the two of you are right for each other.
Three Wishes: Penetrate Lover's Inner Mind! Plant Seeds of Love! Commitment!
What if you could penetrate your loverís subconscious?
Relationship Doctor Mesmerize, Hypnotize The One You Love
OK, you have found the person of your dreams. Now you want to keep this person by your side, forever!
Bonanza Spell
The unique and potent Bonanza spell could spur you on to achievements and rewards you never thought possible.
Lover's Remorse Spell
It's time your ex realizes their terrible loss.
Gypsy Make Her Love Me
Request a Gypsy Hypnotic spell cast in your behalf, and let our expert concentrate on your one overriding desire - to have your woman love you unconditionally.
Love & Ecstasy
Do you dream of turning a current relationship into a heavy-duty love affair?
Burtonís Win Back Your Lover Spell
Let Burton's Win Back Your Lover spell bring the two of you together... once and for all.
Rainbow Spell of Love, Hope & Good Fortune
This potent spell is designed to dissipate the dark clouds in your life freeing you to fulfill your true destiny.
Love Me, Love Me, Love Me Spell
What would you give to have your loved one hold you close, caress you, and tell you how much you mean to them?
Blazing Fast Lover Finder
If you're looking for the "right" person, this is no time to linger!
The Love Spell
Summon the spirits to improve a current relationship or start a new one with our classic love spells.
U-Turn: From Disloyal to Dependable Partner
You know your loved one can be loyal and dependable, especially if they finally accept that you are the one and only one for them.
Hold Me Close...Really Close Spell
Once the Hold Me Close...Really Close spell is cast, your allure and desirability could be irresistible to the one you love. And soon your bodies will intertwine, meld together...and the two of you will never want to let go.
Give Him Fever!
Open his eyes to your sensual side!
Blazing Fast Lover Retriever
We'll help demonstrate to your lost lover that only you, and you alone, will give them the happiness and love they are seeking.
Eternal Love Spell
There are many types of love, but the love that most people strive for is eternal love.
Burton's Compatibility Quick Fix Spell
If your love life is on a one-way track to disaster, you need to do something dramatic!
Black Magic Miss Me Terribly Spell
Plant the Seeds of Conciliation in Your Loved One So They Will Miss You, Long for You, Want to Be with You Learn More
Burton's Turnaround Spell
Perhaps itís time to plant the seeds of reconciliation within the subconscious of the person whom you so dearly love.
Three-In-One: Awesome Compatibility-Awesome Communication-Awesome Marriage
Do you often dream of having an incredible compatibility with your loved one?
Andreika's Lightning Bolt Love Spell
This lightning fast love spell is just what you need to take your love life from dull to dramatic in no time at all.
Black Magic Lust, Passion, Excitement Spell
Elevate Your Intimate Relationship to New Heights Learn More
Burton's Change of Heart Spell
Burtonís Change of Heart spell could bring you the harmony, love and happiness you so deserve.
Three-In-One: Cease Fire-Restore Peace-Compatible at Last
Would you like nothing more than to restore peace and quiet with your loved one?
The Light Bulb Effect Spell
This potent spell was created to break through to your loverís subconscious, opening their heart and allowing them to breathe in your unique, unselfish, sweet love.
Jean Claude Swann's Relationship Spells
Do you seek a new relationship or want to improve an existing relationship? Or perhaps you desperately want to retrieve a lost love?
U-Turn: From Heavy Heart to Happy Heart
If itís an issue of love or finances or any seemingly unsolvable problem, Mattias will implant the seeds of energy, positive thinking, and the will to get through this difficult period.
Three-In-One: Lucky in Romance-Lucky in Opportunities-Lucky in Life
Do you dream of a life filled with joy, laughter, an incredible lover...and much more?
Celtic Love Knots
A very potent amulet which could attract the mate you've been searching for as well as enhance the love of that special person. Buy one, get one free!
Black Magic Love Only Me Spell
Plant the Seeds of Love, Faithfulness, Loyalty Learn More
Lady Zirkaya's Triple Potent Love Spells
If you feel helpless and hopeless, donít despair. Upon hearing from you, the gifted psychic Lady Zirkaya could plant the seeds of reconciliation, forgiveness and love in the subconscious mind of the person you so care about.
Three Wishes: Soften Lover's Heart! Change Lover's Mind! End Heartache!
Are you willing to do almost anything to soften your loved oneís heart, change their mind...and ensure they stay with you?
Zandra's Love & Romance Spells
Is your relationship in trouble? Or perhaps you seek a new love?
Three-In-One: Lover "Hears" You-Lover Feels Guilty-Lover Reconsiders
Is your relationship is floundering, and you need a breakthrough in your communication with your loved one?
Love At First Sight Spell
If you believe in love at first sight, you must try this unique spell.
Safeguard Your Relationship Spell
If youíre worried that your precious relationship may be turning sour...Then perhaps itís time to stimulate your partner and remind them of their once great attraction to you.
Blazing Fast Love Booster
If your relationship is on a downward spiral and heading for disaster, you know you have to do something about it.
Marry Me!
It's time to tie the knot!
Burton's End Heartbreak & Sad Feelings Spell
Once you decide to move on, not only will your attitude become more positive, but others will notice the confident, alluring ďnewĒ you!
U-Turn: From Homewrecking to Homecoming
Awaken the one you love to the damage they have done so they'll regret their decision and come running back to you!
Burton's Penetrate Your Lover's Subconscious Spell
What would you give if you could ďget insideĒ your loved oneís head and convince them that you and only you are their one true love?
Andreika's Save My Relationship Spell
Andreika's Save My Relationship Spell could change your life.
Miss Me, Love Me, Return to Me Spell
Three spells cast simultaneously to reignite and reunite your relationship!
Three-In-One: Surprise Gifts-Surprise Affection-Surprise Success
Are you ready to add a gigantic spark to your life?
The Friend to Lover Spell
If you have passionate feelings about a special friend and want to stimulate their passion for you, you have come to the right place.
Tame Your Lover
It is Time to Take Charge and Get What You Want!
Man-Stealer Curse
If you want your man back and you believe in the paranormal, then do not wait another minute to request that this curse be directed at you-know-who.
Andreika's Love, Money, Happiness... Don't Mess With Me! Spell
My Witchís spell is the most exquisite, the most potent spell, period!
Gypsy Melt My Lover's Heart
There are few things more disheartening than to be in the midst of a deteriorating relationship.
Blazing Fast Reluctant Lover
Are you growing impatient with a loved one who can't make up their mind.
Three-In-One: Heart to Heart-Restore Harmony-Happy Couple
If your love life needs a helping hand, a Master Psychic could help bring a dramatic turnaround to your relationship.
U-Turn: From Rocky to Rock-Solid Compatibility
It's time for the rock-solid, secure relationship you've been dreaming of!
Send My Lover Back!
If you are alone and without that special someone, this spell is designed for you.
The Adore Me Spell
It's time to do something that will make you more attractive, more appealing, more interesting...
Romance Me!
The Romance Me spell is a one-of-a-kind spell that is designed to alter a loved ones perception of you.
The Change Your Lover's Mind Spell
This love spell is designed to soften the hardest of hearts.
Make Me Sexy
Do you want to be desired, loved, ravished? Do you want to attract the "right" type to you?
Give Her Fever!
Does she turn away when you make advances even though she knows you are turned on to her?
Love-Luck-Money Spells by Burton
Allow me to cast a Spell for you and help turn your life around.
Andreika's Spitfire Lust Spell
This spell could propel you to the next stage of your life in which you could be simmering with sensual energy.
U-Turn: From Frosty to Feverish for Me
Once you and that special person are on the same wave length, your intimate moments together will fulfill your dreams...and your destiny.
Black Magic Plant Seeds of Reconciliation Spell
Fix Your Relationship Today! Renew Your Compatibility Learn More
Gypsy, Make My Lover Return to Me
This powerful spell is intended to penetrate your lover's subconscious. And once this occurs they will realize that you are the person to be with.
The Way We Were
A unique love spell cast in your behalf to return you and your lover to the way you were
The Return to Me Spell
This love spell is for when you know you are meant to be together, but something is amiss...
Feng Shui's Symbol of Unlimited Happiness
Possess this powerful amulet and experience all the joys and wonderment of Unlimited Happiness.
Juno's Charm
This is the amulet you should possess if your ultimate goal is matrimony.
Lost Love Spell
If your one- and-only is living somewhere else, you may want to consider one last option.
Blazing Fast Heart Fixer
We can help you recover quickly so you can love and be loved once again.
U-Turn: From Breakup to Begin Again
If you believe your relationship is still viable, the Breakup to Begin Again spell could bring your loved one back to you.
The Forgive Me Spell
If a past mistake is haunting you, preventing the two of you from reuniting, donít give up.
Give Me My Love!!
A Love Spell to bring back your love quickly and unconditionally!!
Mend a Broken Heart
You are at a crossroads... but don't give up yet!
Obeah Spell
Obeah is an unstoppable force--it should be used only as a last resort!
The Love Token
Lonely? Heart-Broken? The Love Token Could Bring Love into Your Life!
Lover Come Back to Me!
An amazing amulet that rekindles passion and love. Now available in Sterling Silver!
The Reconciliation Spell
Establish an unbreakable bond between the two of you!
Growing His Love Spell
It's time for you to take that leap of faith and call upon a powerful psychic to help get your man.
Growing Her Love Spell
It's time to open your woman's eyes once and for all so she can finally realize what she's been missing.
Burton's Naked Desire Spell
If your wish is to strip your loved oneís resistance, to shed their inhibitions, and to immensely enjoy your intimate moments, Burton's Naked Desire spell could be a decisive turning point in your relationship.
Happy Husband, Happy Life
Have you wished for some time that your man showed you more affection, more caring, more touching, more loving?

Cast Three Times: Morning, Noon, and Night

Andreika the Witch
Magical powers beyond your imagination--see what Andreika's Wicca Spells could do for you!
Starting Over Spell
Perhaps it's time to get rid of all the baggage and wipe the slate clean.
The Lust For Me Spell
Stimulate the lover of your choice to have strong, uncontrollable thoughts about holding you, caressing you, making love to you.
Andreika's Submission Spell
Want your loved one to fall under your spell, willing to do whatever you want, whenever you want?
Burton's Reconcile Now! Spell
Is your relationship in jeopardy?
Obeah Love & Money Amulet
An unstoppable force of protection, of rejuvenating love, of ever-lasting riches!
Black Magic Reciprocal Love Spell
Finally, Your Lover is Returning Your Love...from Their Heart Learn More
Andreika's Increasing His/Her Love for You Spell
Let Andreika help bring you love from the one you desire above all others.
Burton's Turnaround Spell
Perhaps itís time to plant the seeds of reconciliation within the subconscious of the person whom you so dearly love.
Three Wishes: Growing Love! Return to Me! Reconciliation!
Having relationship problems? And are they getting worse?
Happy Mate, Happy Marriage Spell
If you dream of a life of pleasure with the love of your life, this potent spell is designed specifically for you.
Want to get your love back? Need a Sex Spell?
Love Amulets - Love Spells - Spells to Bring Your Love Back - Spells to Return a Lover

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