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Our most popular Multi-Purpose Spells

If you have a need that our other spells don't address, these multi-purpose spells can help you get what you need! Choose the spell that speaks to you the most, and then during checkout you will have the opportunity to explain the details of your request to our master psychic who will be casing the spell for you.
Andreika the Witch
Magical powers beyond your imagination--see what Andreika's Wicca Spells could do for you!
Triple Cast Spells
The Mother of All Spells! A master psychic will cast your spell once, then again, then one more time!
Love-Luck-Money Spells by Burton
Allow me to cast a Spell for you and help turn your life around.
Obeah Spell
Obeah is an unstoppable force--it should be used only as a last resort!
Three-In-One Spells
A Master Psychic will call upon his formidable psychic powers to cast three distinct spells of your choice simultaneously.
Treasure Trove of Riches
If you’re ready to change your life from ordinary to extraordinary, this is the spell for you.
Three Wishes: Prosperity! Loving Mate! Ultimate Happiness!
This potent Three Wishes spell is designed to improve your life in ways you never thought possible.
Live Long - Be Loved - Prosper Spell
You’ve earned the right to a happy, glorious, successful future.

Cast Three Times: Morning, Noon, and Night

More Spells by Andreika
I look forward to hearing from those of you whom I consider to be in my "coven," as well as from you newcomers who are coming to me for the first time.
Grand Slam Spell
You have the opportunity to win big in love, luck, prosperity, & security.

Cast Three Times: Morning, Noon, and Night

North Star Spirit Guide Spell
The North Star Spirit Guide spell is designed to guide you, to move you in the right direction, to help you achieve your greatest expectations.
Have It All Spell
The Have It All spell is for the type of person who won't settle for second best.
Andreika's Love, Money, Happiness... Don't Mess With Me! Spell
My Witch’s spell is the most exquisite, the most potent spell, period!
Sorcery Spell
Summon the spirits of the occult to do your bidding.
U-Turn: From Heavy Heart to Happy Heart
If it’s an issue of love or finances or any seemingly unsolvable problem, Mattias will implant the seeds of energy, positive thinking, and the will to get through this difficult period.
Love, Lust, Laughter, Luxuries Spell
There is no need for you to proceed through life without having it all.
Three-In-One: Quick Luck-Quick Fortune-Quick Compatibility
You’ve worked hard and led a good life. You deserve life's rewards as much, or even more so, than other “lucky” people.
Mega Love, Mega Rich, Mega Happy Spell
Three spells in one to fulfill your most extravagant dreams.
Three-In-One: Success in Relationships-Success in Finances-Success in Happiness
Wouldn't it be nice to get up each morning knowing you have exceeded your dreams of success in love, in money matters, in happiness?
Aura Cleansing
Cleansing your aura may remove the imperfections and dark clouds that surround it--allowing love and money to flow through your aura into your life.
The Last Chance Spell
If you've tried everything and failed… don't give up! There’s one more thing you can try - and it's risk free!
Burton's Ox Blood Spell
Do you require (or even demand) the help of a Master Psychic to rescue you from an intolerable situation! The Ox Blood spell is a one-of-a-kind spell to be used only in extraordinary circumstances.
Three Wishes: Be a Winner! Exude Confidence! Be Sexy!
Do you feel that deep within your very being you are a winner waiting to emerge from your shell?
Rainbow Spell of Love, Hope & Good Fortune
This potent spell is designed to dissipate the dark clouds in your life freeing you to fulfill your true destiny.
Mega Love, Mega Rich, Mega Happy Spell
Three spells in one to fulfill your most extravagant dreams.
Bonanza Spell
The unique and potent Bonanza spell could spur you on to achievements and rewards you never thought possible.
Black Magic Solve My Problem Now Spell
Running Out of Time? Perhaps It’s Time to Turn to Black Magic Learn More
Three Wishes: Friends! Relatives! Work Associates!
Would you like to have more close friends, as well as relatives and work associates who are supportive of you and wish you the best?
The Samadhi Spell
It is said that if you are fortunate enough to have a Samadhi spell cast in your behalf, your troubles will be cast aside and your new life will begin...instantly!
Burton's Mad Money, Loyal Lover Spell
Burton’s Mad Money/Loyal Lover spell is designed to give you freedom from financial burdens while planting the seeds of commitment within the subconscious of your loved one.
Black Magic Love, Money, Happiness Spell
Do You Want It All? Well, Go for It! Learn More
Milk & Honey Spell
Are you in need of an instant surge of love, money, and happiness?
Krakow's Last Hope Spell
The Master Psychic known as Krakow specializes in “last hope” requests!
Three Wishes: Money! Success! Good Times!
Do you want to break out of your normal routine and live the life others merely fantasize about?
Three-In-One: Lucky in Romance-Lucky in Opportunities-Lucky in Life
Do you dream of a life filled with joy, laughter, an incredible lover...and much more?
In a Pickle?
Are your current struggles in money and love causing you worry and anxiety? The "Pickle" spell could be the breakthrough you've been searching for.

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