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Wear the Celtic Knot around your neck, close to your heart, and you may experience a tremendous enhancement of your personal magnetism. Your ability to attract the opposite sex could increase dramatically. Your capacity for passion may intensify to undreamed-of heights.

When you find the person destined to be your soulmate, wear one and place the other around his or her neck to bind your love. If a lover has gone from your life, wear one amulet and place the other on his or her picture. This may rekindle your memory in their heart. If you are alone, searching for your perfect mate, wear one charm around your neck and hang the other over your front door. Soon you may be welcoming the love of your life.
  • Attract the mate you've been seeking all your life.
  • Capture the heart of the one you love.
  • Bring back a lost love.
  • Keep your true love faithful.
Dear CAA,

To be honest, I was very skeptical that any of your products would actually work, but I ended up shocked. I ordered the Celtic Love Knots because my boyfriend moved out of the state and we broke up because of the move.

After I received the love knots, taped one to his picture, and wore the other, he started flirting with me over the phone when we would talk. Then he came back for a visit and told me that he's moving home again and that he wants me back!

I never believed until that moment that it would really work. Even now, the pendant feels warm when I put it on. It can feel ice cold when I pick it up, but I feel a warmth surrounding it when I wear it near my heart.

Greenville, SC

Buy One, Get One Free!
Each order for the Celtic Knots includes two for the price of one.
Celtic Love Knots

Celtic Love Knots

Item #: CEL

Additional input about Celtic Love Knots from our experts:

What Does a Love Knot Symbolize?

The Celtic Love Knot symbolizes unconditional love and eternal life between two people.

Is the Celtic Knot Irish or Scottish?

The origin of the Celtic Knot is Irish, Scottish and Welsh and represents Celtic culture.

Is the Celtic Knot Pagan?

Although the Celtic Knot is not Pagan, this potent Celtic Knot design is of ancient origin and is renowned for conjuring up attraction, compatibility and love.

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