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Wanga Spells

Wanga Spells

Wanga Spells

The power of Wanga has been known for centuries.

But very few practitioners have mastered this ancient art. The California Astrology Association is proud to announce a Wanga Master is now available to cast spells for its clients.

When to summon a Wanga Master

The mystical powers of Wanga are especially effective in:
  • Curing a relationship that has turned sour. (Experience true marital happiness!)
  • Turning financial problems into financial security. (More money in your pocket!).
  • Getting a rival out of the picture. (They won't know what hit them!)
  • Returning a loved one who has lost his/her way. (Finally, this person will come home to you!)

Do some or all of the following resonate with you?
  1. Are you in a relationship that once was beautiful but now is in dire need of immediate and long-lasting repair?
  2. Is your financial situation teetering and you're worried about a secure future?
  3. Or perhaps someone is hassling you, jinxing you, putting the evil eye on you.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to turn disaster into success? And lead a life of leisure and luxury? And having your lover be your soul mate?

Dreams? Fantasies?

Perhaps. But think about this: some people reach for the stars - and get there! And asked why they had such high aspirations in the first place, these "winners" inevitably reply, "what did I have to lose?"

So why not you?

If your life is stalled, whether in love or work or because of a nasty enemy, you do have the power to get up to warp speed!

A Wanga Master is waiting to hear from you!

Take a look at the following Wanga spells and see which one(s) best suit your needs:
Wanga Love and Money Spell
This unique spell is designed to captivate and convince the person you love that you are the absolutely "right one" for them. And if your bank account is drifting lower and lower, this spell will also help you solve your financial woes. And it will appear amazingly simple. Once your Wanga Love and Money spell is cast, your inner juices will begin to surge throughout your body, freeing your creative abilities that will enhance every aspect of your life, from career to friendships, from your finances to your love life. Tell Me More
Wanga Lover's Attitude Adjustment Spell
The Wanga Lover's "Attitude Adjustment" spell is designed to blast through the resistance your lover has erected. And until this is accomplished, nothing you can say or do will change their mind. The purpose of this potent spell is to startle your loved one, to make them aware of the foolishness and recklessness of their current course. And to convince them of the possibility that they could lose you and suffer the lifelong consequences. Tell Me More
Wanga Win Your Lover Back Spell
Has the person whom you love with all your heart and soul deserted you? Are you heartsick beyond words? If you have tried everything to get your loved one's attention, but up to now nothing has worked, you need the assistance of a Wanga Master to work in your behalf. Tell Me More
Wanga Relationship-Saver Spell
The Wanga Relationship-Saver spell alters not only your lover's attitude but their perception of you -- altering your aura so you will be absolutely irresistible to them! This one-of-a-kind spell is designed to not only open the channels of communication, it goes right to the core: the heart and soul of the person you love. Tell Me More
Wanga Amazing Lust Spell
Do you physically desire someone but are frustrated that this person is not reciprocating your advances or fulfilling your sexual needs? If so, you should consider asking a skilled Wanga Master to give you a helping hand. The Wanga Amazing Lust spell can free your partner from his or her sexual inhibitions. And once this is done, your partner will not be limited with predetermined notions about what should or should not be done behind closed doors.Tell Me More
Wanga Reconciliation Now! Spell
The Wanga Reconciliation Now! spell penetrates the hardest of hearts and plants the seeds for your loved one to think of you with warmth and kindness and love. And once this process has begun, it is only a matter of time before the recipient of the spell begins to think of how wonderful it is to talk to you, hold you, love you...Tell Me More
Wanga Couple Exploder Spell
The Wanga Couple Exploder spell has one primary goal: To dissolve this relationship as soon as possible. This potent spell is meant to be a facilitator. It is specifically designed to speed up the process, allowing the couple to go their separate ways, free at last from a bond that shouldn't have occurred in the first place. Tell Me More
Wanga Ultimate Revenge Spell
This spell is designed to penetrate the mind of your antagonist, implanting the seeds of doubt, a loss of self-confidence, and perhaps most importantly, the fear that if they don't stop hassling you, they will suffer grave consequences. Once this powerful spell is cast, the seeds or revenge will have been planted. Tell Me More
Wanga Spectacular Happiness Spell
It's simply a natural desire to want to be satisfied physically, emotionally, and financially. And why shouldn't you want the best of the best? The Wanga Spectacular Happiness spell is designed to do just that - fulfill your dreams, your hopes, your most secret desires! Tell Me More
Wanga Career-Booster Spell
This powerful spell is for you if your career has fallen off track and you need immediate assistance to straighten it out. At one time or another, even the most successful people in life have fallen on tough times. The key question is how long will it take for that person to rise from the ashes and experience glorious success? This spell is designed to make it your time to shine. Once the Wanga Career-Booster spell is cast in your behalf, you will be on your way!Tell Me More

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