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Burton's Mega Spells

Burton's MEGA Spells

The gifted psychic known as Burton has agreed to cast his renowned Mega Spells exclusively for clients of the California Astrology Association

Upon receiving your request, Burton will cast your Mega Spell each day for three consecutive days in a row or seven days in a row depending on your pleasure. When a gifted psychic as Burton repeats the identical spell day after day, his powers are magnified, enhancing the spell's effectiveness and dramatically increasing the chances of success.

It is said that Burton's gift is to "meld" within your very soul, to experience for himself your heartache, your sadness, your dreams, your aspirations. Only then is he able to direct his formidable psychic powers in your behalf. It is as if he were fulfilling his own dreams, his own aspirations.

Burton's Personal Message to You
"Ultimately, you are responsible for your own life. If you want to be the master of your destiny, you must be proactive and make things happen rather than wait and simply let things happen to you. So if you feel trapped and don't know where to turn, then take a proactive stance. Donít let pride prevent you from seeking my assistance. I will await your call to action."

The following Mega Spells (repeatedly cast day after day after day) have been cast by Burton for his clients in over ninety countries:
Mega Perfect Storm Love Spell
What is life if you can't live it with the person of your dreams? Although no one can assure you with certainty that you will ever find your true love, this spell is designed to lead you to the path that brings the two of you together.

There are mystical elements in the air that we humans cannot comprehend. Spirits that have the power to do incomprehensible things, such as, making "coincidences" happen. If you've ever asked a happily married couple how they met, the odds are they met by chance. Well, this spell is designed to increase those chances, to bring about the "perfect storm" in which the two of you arrive at the same destination at the same time. And when your eyes meet, you will each know your lives will be dramatically altered!

Mega "Perfect Storm" Love Spell - Cast 3 Days in a Row
Mega "Perfect Storm" Love Spell - Cast 7 Days in a Row

Mega Get Your Lover Back Spell
Who hasn't suffered an excruciating loss of a lover? It's possible not to have gone through such a loss and the resulting agony and disappointment and suffering associated with it, but for most people at one point in their lives a special person has gotten away. This remarkable series of spells is designed to penetrate the "hard hat" of the person who is not in your life at the moment, and to instill in them that you and only you are the right person for them. After all, what is money and fame and success if you can't share it with the person who loves you and wants to be by your side?

Mega Get Your Lover Back Spell - Cast 3 Days in a Row
Mega Get Your Lover Back Spell - Cast 7 Days in a Row

Mega Fortune Spell
Making a lot of money can't buy true happiness...but it can sure get you a great deal closer. This remarkable series of spells is designed to direct you to the "fortune path." This path is destined to bring about an uninterrupted series of occurrences that brings possessions and security beyond your imagination. In this lifetime, nothing can come easy and without sweat, but by bringing the powers of a gifted psychic alongside you and experiencing your great need, this is the surest way to jump start your journey to financial independence. It is said that when Burton casts his Mega Fortune spell, success is right around the corner.

Mega Fortune Spell - Cast 3 Days in a Row
Mega Fortune Spell - Cast 7 Days in a Row

Mega Retribution Spell
How can life be satisfying and happy when you have an antagonist who has infiltrated your life and who is devoted to making your life miserable? This astounding series of spells is designed to penetrate the consciousness of this vindictive person, neutralizing them and eventually bringing them to their knees. This is a rather harsh spell so be careful to direct it solely to the person deserving of bad fortune.

Mega Retribution Spell - Cast 3 Days in a Row
Mega Retribution Spell - Cast 7 Days in a Row

Mega Happiness Spell
This is an all-encompassing series of spells that is designed to affect all aspects of your life. For what good is money if you are alone? What good is companionship if you are mired in debt? And how can you be happy if you have someone hounding you, jinxing you, making your life miserable?

Burton's Mega Happiness Spell casts a broad net out in your environment with the purpose of positively affecting your love life, your financial situation, your career and your overall happiness. This is one spell that could cause you to regret one thing: feeling remiss that you hadn't requested this remarkable spell sooner.

Mega Happiness Spell - Cast 3 Days in a Row
Mega Happiness Spell - Cast 7 Days in a Row

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