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Light Bulb Effect Spell
Are you frustrated, hurt, lonely, angry...all because the one you love is not reciprocating your affection and love?

Do you wish you could knock some sense into that hard-headed lover of yours?

And are you fearful that the current downward spiral in your love affair may be unstoppable, and as much as you hate to admit it, this relationship could be doomed to fail?

Take this test!
  • Is your partner not being kind to you?
  • Is your partner looking for someone else, or perhaps already found somebody?
  • Do you know deep in your heart that this person is your soul mate, your lover, your friend for life...but they are too stubborn to admit they feel the same way about you?
  • And are you certain that no one else can give them the friendship, love and devotion that you so willingly give?

  • If you answered yes to the above, The Light Bulb Effect spell has been specifically designed to help someone in your predicament.

    Your sweet love
    This potent spell was created to break through to your loverís subconscious, opening their heart and allowing them to breathe in your unique, unselfish, sweet love.

    After all, what could any person ask for?

    And once they awaken, once the light bulb flashes...well, it could be only a matter of time before youíll experience their passionate and loving feelings for you...and only you.
    The Light Bulb Effect Spell

    The Light Bulb Effect Spell

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