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Sterling Silver Jewelry

One Year Unconditional Guarantee
Since 1970 we've stood behind our one year unconditional guarantee: If you're not completely satisfied, we'll refund your money. Period. No questions asked.
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The craftsmen who create these beautiful pieces use the finest solid sterling silver. It is the brightest and shiniest metal in jewelry.

Silver has long been an indicator of success, status, and respect, so display your silver adornments with pride and pleasure. It is said that the person who wears silver is looked upon with high regard.

Silver adornments are believed to bring good luck and good fortune to the wearer. If you seek to enhance your life, the silver adornments listed below are designed to bring you untold hours of pleasure and success.

So wear your silver bracelets, necklaces, and pendants and don't be afraid of a little tarnish--it's easily wiped to a silvery sheen.
Voodoo Love Amulet
The power to attract that special person.
Mata Hari Seduction Amulet
Enchant, mesmerize, capture the heart of the one you love!
In the four decades since the founding of California Astrology Association, we have never had an amulet that has caused such interest, awe, and excitement.
Atia's Sign
Legend has it that the person who possesses Atia's sign will be blessed with her unique ability to turn dreams into reality.
Lover Come Back to Me!
An amazing amulet that rekindles passion and love. Now available in Sterling Silver!
The Morning Star
Once you possess the Morning Star, hidden forces will be at your side -- helping you, guiding you, working in your behalf.
Aphrodite's Hearts Necklace
Aphrodite’s Hearts is designed to capture the heart of the one you love.
Feng Shui's Symbol of Unlimited Happiness
Possess this powerful amulet and experience all the joys and wonderment of Unlimited Happiness.
Gypsy Earrings
These legendary earrings were first worn by Gypsy kings and queens and are believed to enhance your magnetism as well as your worldly possessions.
Circle Wood Earrings
Their beauty will spark renewed interest in you, and their metaphysical qualities will lift your spirits to heights you never believed possible.
Chai (Life) Bracelet
Eighteen strands of Sterling Silver in this beautiful bracelet bring you unlimited happiness!
King David's Helping Hand
Since the times of Ancient Judea, King David's Helping Hand has been sought after by professional gamblers throughout the world.
The Lightning Bolt Amulet
This mystical amulet brings loyalty, love and passion to those who possess it.
Bangkok Sacred Moon Circle
This ancient piece is supposed to bring love, peace and happiness to the person who possesses it.
Turkish Love Pendant
The mystical design of this stunning piece is designed to mesmerize the person whom you love.
The Pharaoh's Amulet
This is a faultless reproduction of an ancient Egyptian piece that is reputed to bestow gifts of pleasure, companionship and sensuality upon its holder.
Scorpio's Earrings
One of our most unusual and popular offerings.
The Excalibur Amulet
If you seek a helping hand to help you through troubled waters, you should call upon the Excalibur Amulet to guide you safely to your true destination.
Sherpa's Nirvana
Whether you have a current love who is ignoring you, or you are searching for a new love, Sherpa's Nirvana bridges the gap between you and the one with whom you are destined.
Hera, Queen of Gods
Once you place this remarkable amulet around your neck, you will feel the power of the Goddess Hera and all she represents.
The Dream Weaver Amulet
Lifts the Fog. Brings Clarity, Hope, Opportunity.
The Earth Bangle
The Earth Bangle calls upon the good spirits to bring good luck and good love to the person who deserves to be surrounded by friends and family.
The Kokopelli Bangle
This mystical figure has stirred imaginations because it is believed Kokopelli ensures an upward path for anyone who carries this charismatic symbol.
The Aztec-Mantaz Weight Loss Amulet
Given up on losing weight? Possess the Aztec-Mantaz weight-loss amulet and prepare yourself for a life-changing experience. Now available in Sterling Silver!
Gris-Gris Silver Bangle
Merely place the Gris-Gris bangle around your wrist and see for yourself how this magnificent adornment brings instant gratification and gives you a lust for life.
The Love Knot of Eros
Made of solid sterling silver, this exquisite piece could bring beauty, tranquility and romance into your life.
The Love Charm
With this exquisite adornment around your neck, you will glow with the warmth of love, casting out sparks to anyone who crosses your path.
Dobell's Cross
Although the origin of this beautiful piece is unknown, it is said that he who carries Dobell's Cross will be blessed with a generous heart and riches beyond imagination.
The Peruvian Ball
The Peruvian Ball will attract attention wherever you go. It is an original piece that you will treasure forever.
Salome's Red Jasper
If you think it's high time to instill excitement, fun and sensuality into your life, you need look no further than Salome's Red Jasper.

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