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Obeah Love and Money Amulet

The Moment You Possess Obeah, It Will Possess You!

Actual size approx 2½" tall.
The renowned psychic Burton recalls the moment he took possession of the legendary Obeah Love & Money amulet:

"It was an interesting sensation in that when I first picked it up, I felt a tingling of excitement running through my entire body. It was as if a supernatural force suddenly inhabited me, stirring my blood and instilling within me this feeling of invincibility.

"And ever since, I carry the Obeah Love & Money amulet with me wherever I go, day or night."

History and Meaning of the Obeah Love amulet The unique design of the Obeah Love & Money amulet has been duplicated by numerous other cultures, such as with the Tibetan Key, but in fact the Obeah Love amulet has a much deeper history, a much deeper meaning.

Originating in Africa centuries ago, it gained the reputation as an unstoppable force of protection, of rejuvenating love, of ever- lasting riches.

Once only available to the elite on the continent of Africa, this remarkable keepsake is available to you… particularly, if your need is urgent!

Here's what lies ahead in your future once you take possession of this very potent amulet:
  • Previously, the portals of love and wealth and security that were once beyond your reach will now beckon you to enter.
  • A true love of yours who has recently been unkind to you will begin to look at you in a more positive, loving light.
  • New ideas and opportunities will arise, helping you reach and exceed your financial goals, leading to exciting, rewarding times you never thought possible.
  • Friends, family and coworkers will notice your happier, more confident, more appealing demeanor, and they will treat you with the respect and kindness you so deserve.
So if you are ready for a change – a big change – a life of love, success and happiness awaits you.

Take possession of the Obeah Love & Money amulet and let it possess you!
Obeah Love & Money Amulet

Obeah Love & Money Amulet

Item #: OBA

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