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Revenge Spells and Curses

One Year Unconditional Guarantee
Since 1970 we've stood behind our one year unconditional guarantee: If you're not completely satisfied, we'll refund your money. Period. No questions asked.
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  • Hassled by a person who has it in for you?
  • Know someone out there who deserves their comeuppance?
  • Are you tired of being the victim and want to fight back?
A Master Psychic can bless an amulet for you or cast a spell to help you even the score!
The Get Even Spell
If you're certain that a specific person has done you harm or wishes for your unhappiness, this is your chance to get even!
Blazing Fast Punisher Spell
Are you fed up with that person who has it in for you?
Relationship Doctor Couple Disintegrator
If you are certain a specific couple should not be together, and you have no doubt whatsoever about it, we have designed this powerful spell to end it quickly and decisively!
Make My Enemy Weaker Gypsy Spell
This Make My Enemy Weaker spell is designed to penetrate your antagonist's subconscious, making them vulnerable and weak, leading them to question their own abilities.
Invisible Spell: Reverse Curse Back to My Enemy
Without their knowing what has happened, the person who has it in for you will be experiencing the consequences of their wicked ways.
Black Magic Curse
Want to Even the Score...and Then Some? Hereís Your Opportunity! Learn More
Burton's Comeuppance Spell
Is there someone who has been a negative force in your life, or in the life of someone you care for? Itís time for your nemesis to get what they deserve.
The Witch Doctor Retribution Spell Kit
This powerful do-it-yourself kit should only be used in the direst of emergencies!
Torpedo Your Adversary
It's time to overpower the person in your life making you miserable and preventing you from moving forward.
Blazing Fast Couple Breaker
This is a very powerful spell and should be requested only if you are "absolutely" certain these two people will never be happy together.
Eye for an Eye Spell
The Eye for an Eye spell is designed specifically to redirect the negative force back to your nemesis and show them, teach them to change their ways.
Andreika's Wicked Revenge Spell
My Wicked Revenge spell is a formidable spell. It is powerful and long lasting.
Black Magic Cancel Enemy Curse
A Powerful Spell to Neutralize a Nemesis Learn More
Scorpion Spell
If you are the victim of a nasty person, perhaps it's time to unleash a powerful comeuppance.
Relationship Killer Spell
Help bring a doomed relationship to a quick end!
The Reverse Curse
The Reverse Curse is designed to remove the obstacles standing between you and success Ė in every aspect of your life.
The Spell to Defeat Your Rival
If someone is standing in the way of your happiness, this spell is designed to neutralize them, to get them out of the picture.
Dark Red Curse
If a nemesis is causing you despair, donít waste your time simply worrying about it, take the necessary step and do something about it.
Three-In-One: Block Negative Vibes-Reverse Curse-Cast Out Nemesis
If you currently are the victim of a negative force disrupting your life, then perhaps itís time to call upon an expert in the metaphysical field.
Bully Buster Curse
Is someone harassing you or someone you know?
Evil-Eye Spells
The Evil Eye is one of the cruelest and harshest methods of retaliation.
The All-Purpose Voodoo Doll
Voodoo is a powerful mystical practice that can bring spectacular gifts and rewards to anyone who believes, who is willing to place his destiny in the hands of loving spirits, who await the call of service.
The Couple-Buster Curse
WARNING: This spell brings dissension and despair into an existing relationship that cannot be repaired.
Blazing Fast Double Hexer Spell
When someone has it in for you and repeatedly causes you grief and sorrow, it's time to do something about it.
The Abyssinian Wish Box
Simply enclose your prayer or request in the Wish Box and wait for the surprise of your life.
Voodoo Ultimate Revenge Spell
A very powerful spell that should be cast only if a person has truly done you wrong. They will feel the wrath of your anger and will be sorry they ever messed with you!
The Black Curse
Because it can bring about horrendous times for the person to whom the Black Curse is directed, please do not request this unless it is absolutely necessary.
Gris-Gris Voodoo Spell
A Gris-Gris Voodoo Spell may gain momentum until it becomes an unstoppable force!
The Retribution Spell
Now it's your turn to fight back! You won't be sorry you did, but the other person could be!
Banish Them! Vanish Them!
This is not a spell... It is a curse!
Revenge of the Raven Curse
Revenge of the Raven curse is one of the most effective ways of neutralizing and severely limiting those despicable people who cause great pain and anguish.
Purge Evil Spirits
If you sometimes feel as if you have an enemy within, this is the spell for you.
Cease and Desist Curse
This remarkable curse is designed to penetrate the very being of someone who does not have your best interests at heart. Once this curse takes effect their anger will vanish, allowing you to proceed with your life without worry or anxiety.
Snake-Eyes Spell
Beware: The effects of this powerful spell could emotionally cripple the person you are directing it towards. Think long and hard before requesting the Snake-Eyes spell.
Phony Friend Curse
How many times have you come across someone who smiles and makes nice to you, only to have them stab you in the back?
Burton's Double Payback Spell
This potent spell plants the seeds of remorse, self-doubt, sadness...and even anger with oneself within the subconscious of the person who treated you so badly.
The Preemptive Strike Spell
If you are worried that someone is out to get you, and you don't know when or where, you must take immediate action!
Kongo Voodoo Big Hex
Is someone out there who does not have your best interests at heart?
Andreika's Rival Be Gone Spell
Let Andreika's Rival Be Gone Spell change things for good.
Jean Claude Swann's Retribution Spells
If someone is harassing you and making your life miserable, Jean Claude is willing to cast a spell in your behalf to not only get your life back on track but to give that person a taste of their own medicine.
Lady Zirkaya's Triple Potent Retribution & Forgiveness Spells
The gifted psychic Lady Zirkaya is awaiting word from you to spring into action. Ask her to cast one of her famous Triple Potent spells in your behalf to stop a troublesome person in their tracks.
Zandra's Retribution Spells & Curses
Unfortunately, there are people who occasionally come into our lives that donít have our best interests at heart.
Three Wishes: Reverse Negative Forces! Cancel Nemesis! Enjoy Life Again!
Are negative forces being aimed directly at you?
Arch Rival Curse
If a nemesis is causing you grief and ďhas it in for you,Ē a talented Master Psychic awaits permission to work in your behalf.

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