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Rainbow Spell
Rainbow Spell of Love, Hope & Good Fortune

During a thunderstorm, as well as a turbulent period in our lives, everything is seemingly at its darkest... and hope and optimism are bleak.

But once in a while, when the clouds break and the sun shines, a rainbow suddenly appears on the horizon. When this does occur, it is a sign that hope is indeed possible... and better times are ahead.

Love, Hope & Good Fortune
Since ancient times, it is believed that the appearance of a rainbow, particularly after a dark time in someoneís life, is said to be a sign of love, hope and good fortune.

And that itís time for the rainbow to lead you to the path of a brighter future.

In Celtic-Irish mythology, Leprechauns were said to hide their gold at the end of a rainbow for safe keeping.

And numerous studies have indeed indicated that in the days and weeks after observing a rainbow, a surprisingly high percentage of people have experienced positive developments in their lives.

Rainbow Spell of Love, Hope & Good Fortune
So if your life is in a turbulent state, whether from a rocky love affair or a financial crisis or a seemingly unsolvable problem, the Rainbow Spell of Love, Hope & Good Fortune can be cast in your behalf.

This potent spell is designed to dissipate the dark clouds in your life freeing you to fulfill your true destiny.
Rainbow Spell of Love, Hope & Good Fortune

Rainbow Spell of Love, Hope & Good Fortune

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