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The SAMADHI is a powerful good luck piece--so powerful that even its picture may release energy. Because of this a photo or even a drawing of the SAMADHI will not be shown.

As each month passes, hundreds of new people take possession of the SAMADHI and many of them benefit from its amazing powers:
  • Worries May Vanish
  • Money Problems Could Be Alleviated
  • Relationships May Seem to Grow Stronger

Can these things happen to you? Can the SAMADHI change your life, bringing you financial security and happiness? It has happened to so many others, why not you?

The SAMADHI is small enough to carry in your pocket or purse. Keep it near you at all times. Hold it, touch it, rub it--it is yours alone to do your bidding. It could bring you the fulfillment and happiness you so deserve.

If you believe in the power of the SAMADHI we suggest you take possession of it. If you do not begin to feel the effects of its mystical qualities, if your life is not dramatically improved, you may return it for a full and complete refund at any time.

Dear CAA,
A few years ago I had the good fortune to purchase a Samadhi and nothing but good and incredible things began to hapen. It changed my life entirely. Unfortunately, through carelessness, I lost my precious amulet. For the few months after I felt like I had lost my best friend.

As a birthday gift a few months ago, my mom surprised me with a new Samadhi. Since then, all my wishes have come true. My boyfriend returned and now our relationship is stronger than ever. The state lottery has smiled upon me three times since I received my treasured charm. Just recently I found the job of my dreams and I owe it all to my dear Samadhi. No one can tell me it doesn't work, it works in mysterious ways.

E. Leyva
Patterson, NJ

Dear CAA,
One day after receiving my Samadhi, my Aunt Rose called an invited me to accompany her on a three week, all-paid vacation to Europe.

She had been promising me this trip for years, but kept putting it off. My aunt said she awoke from a deep sleep in which she dreamt that she and I were walking through the Louvre. She called me immediately and said, "Pack your bags, it's time we go on that trip we've been talking about."

T. L. Haredor
Laguna Hills, CA

Dear CAA,
I have only had my Samadhi for 3 days and I can already feel it changing my life. I received my Samadhi on Friday as I headed to work. Fridays are normally hectic, but this Friday was worse. Everyone to be screaming at me and demanding their money now. A bad headache had already started and I wanted to go home. So I held my new Samadhi in my left hand as I start to do payroll. All of a sudden all my cares to go away along with my headache. It was like I didn't have a care in the world. Next thing I know it was 5 o'clock and time to go home.

Saturday, I had planned to go to Flagstaff with my dad to visit my older sister. I always hated going up there because it reminded me of my x-boyfriend and I felt depressed. On our drive up there I held my Samadhi in my left hand and felt a sense of relief. About a half an hour out of town, an accident had happened right in front of me. After we check to see if everyone was ok, I hopped back in the truck shaking terribly. I was scared to drive, but I held my Samadhi and in 5 minutes the shaking had stopped and I felt great!

All weekend I held my Samadhi close and was so happy! I had a good weekend with my family. I thought about my ex-boyfriend, but never got depressed. It was like I was a new person.

Thank you.

S. W.
Tempe, AZ

Dear CAA,
I broke up with my my boyfriend 10 months ago and I've been so depressed since then. I decided to get a Samadhi to see if it could help me.

The very same day I got it by mail, I ran into a guy who used to work with me several years ago, and we started talking. It turned out that we liked each other then but we didn't have the nerve to say that to each other. We started dating and now we are together and happier than ever.

I know it was the Samadhi what made the difference. I can't thank you enough. K. F.
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