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Bangkok Sacred Moon Circle

Bangkok Sacred Moon Circle Picture
Originally found in the ruins of a buried temple in South East Asia, this ancient piece is supposed to bring love, peace and happiness to the person who possesses it.

Engravings on the walls of the ancient temple showed monks adorned with the Bangkok Sacred Moon Circle.

Thai Symbol for a Miraculous Life

For hundreds of years, the Bangkok Sacred Moon Circle has been the Thai symbol for spectacular luck, unlimited love and a long, prosperous life.

Blesses you with good fortune

If luck has flitted away and you feel events are beyond your control, this charm calls upon the spirits to bless you with inner peace and assurance that a rejuvenated life is just around the corner.

May your soul shine with contentment

It is said that the moment you take possession of the Bangkok Sacred Moon Circle, you will experience a pleasant surge of energy flowing through your very being. And soon others will notice your vitality, beauty and inner peace, as they had never seen previously.

This ancient piece is made of solid sterling silver.
Bangkok Sacred Moon Circle

Bangkok Sacred Moon Circle

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