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The Camelot Collection

The Camelot Collection
Guinevere's Heart

Guinevere's Heart PhotoIt is said that Guinevere wore this mystical amulet close to her heart. And once it touched her skin, the full strength of Guinevere's Heart was unleashed.

King Arthur could not resist her charms; nor could the invincible Sir Lancelot.

Both of them fell deeply in love with her.

What Guinevere's Heart can do for you

Wear or carry Guinevere's Heart wherever you go and experience the surge in renewed confidence and assurance within you. Legend has it that the longer you possess it, the stronger its effects upon you and anyone who gazes upon it.

Its effect upon others

The moment you take possession of Guinevere's Heart, you will not only feel that "extra something," but you will radiate a look that others will find difficult to resist.

It is said that current lovers or potential lovers are mesmerized by Guinevere's Heart and are drawn to it as if by a powerful magnet. The increased attention that you will experience will be reflected in your mirror when you see a bright, shiny, confident – and very appealing new you!

This beautiful gold-plated piece will soon become one of your most treasured possessions.
Arthur's Amulet

Arthur's Amulet PhotoThis is the legendary mystical piece that is designed to help you make the gigantic leap forward…in your career, in your finances, in your love life.

Take this brief test

  • Have you reached a dead end and are frustrated that you aren't fulfilling your destiny?
  • Do you believe you are “special” and have aspirations and dreams that make you stand out from others?
  • Are you growing impatient with your current status and want to make the great leap forward...right now?

If the above questions resonate with you, get ready for a special treat.

Fulfill Your Most Illustrious Dreams

If you want to be proactive and take charge of your life, we strongly suggest you take possession of Arthur's amulet.

Wear or carry it wherever you go and whatever you do, and experience a surge of energy and excitement that Arthur's amulet has implanted within you. Then live the life you've dreamed of while fulfilling your most illustrious dreams.

So if you are ready for a life-changing experience, perhaps it's your destiny to take possession of this stunning gold plated piece. Soon Arthur's amulet could enhance your ability to make the great leap forward – in every aspect of your life.
Merlin's Marvelous Money Amulet

Merlin's Marvelous Money Amulet PhotoThe mysterious origin of the dollar sign has sparked interest ever since it became the primary symbol for money, wealth and success.

Although there are several different versions as to the origin of the dollar sign, the most intriguing is the amulet known as Merlin’s Marvelous Money Amulet (also referred to as the Wizard’s Treasure).

As legend has it, the magician Merlin bestowed upon King Arthur a mystical amulet that sparked a dramatic increase in the King’s treasury, enabling Arthur to assemble his Round Table of knights.

What can it do for you?

Take possession of Merlin’s Marvelous Money Amulet and see for yourself the remarkable effect it can have upon you.

Carry or wear this beautiful gold-plated adornment wherever you go and allow its positive energy to embed itself within your subconscious mind.

The fast track to success and riches

Soon you could be on the fast track to achieving your most lofty financial goals – leading you to the success and riches and the leisure life usually reserved for only the rich and famous.
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