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Hera, Queen of Gods

Hera, Queen of Gods Image
Made of Solid Sterling Silver

Hera, the powerful Goddess was married to Zeus. In the pantheon of the Gods, Hera is perceived to represent all that is unique and beautiful in woman: intelligence, sensuality, faithfulness, inner strength...

Those who underestimate Hera or cross her do so at their own risk. For although she is a kind and caring Goddess, Hera has a temper, and she relies on her wiles to outsmart and outmaneuver those who do not wish her well.

Once you place this remarkable amulet around your neck, you will feel the power of the Goddess Hera and all she represents. Be prepared to be infused with Hera's unlimited energy and cleverness.

Made of silver and highly polished, Hera's amulet will charm anyone who crosses your path and soon they will feel helpless to resist your newfound magnetism. (Silver chain included.)
Hera, Queen of Gods

Hera, Queen of Gods

Item #: P02

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