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Pharaoh's Amulet

Pharaoh's Amulet

Pharaoh's Amulet
This is a faultless reproduction of an ancient Egyptian piece that is reputed to bestow gifts of pleasure, companionship and sensuality upon its holder.

The Pharaoh's Amulet is for you, if:
  • You are at a low point and in need of a powerful boost.
  • You seek a lover who "gets" you, understands you, loves you.
  • You crave nothing more than to be touched and caressed by someone you love and trust.

Known as the Pharaoh's Amulet, wear or carry it and enjoy its many attributes. The triangular shape is sculpted in sterling silver, marcasite, and mother of pearl, with an oxidized finish.
The Pharaoh's Amulet

The Pharaoh's Amulet

Item #: PHA

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