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Each year adventurous travelers seek out the lost city of San Maya, high in the Andes Mountains to experience the miracle powers of its sacred soil. They come to recapture the joys of youth or a dream that has gone astray. They come to mend a broken marriage or a broken heart. And they come to be blessed with love and good fortune.

Throughout the ages, certain points on the globe have been affected by forces beyond our comprehension. Miraculous events have occurred in the sacred areas of Jerusalem, San Maya, and Lourdes. Lives have been transformed. Miracles have occurred. Poverty has turned to prosperity.

In 1786 Father Ramon Monterro said: "Those who come to San Maya feel the miraculous touch of God." Monterro personally witnessed spectacular changes in peoples' lives after touching the sacred earth of San Maya.

According to legend, both the Indians and later the Spaniards built temples to commemorate the miracles that occurred there.

A wise traveler once wrote: "If you feel alone, if you are weary in the struggles in life, follow the mountainous road, find our miracle in San Maya." Now, you could bring a miracle to your home with the Miracle Cross of San Maya.
Today, people treasure the sacred soil of San Maya in the belief it will:
  • Bless them with money and good fortune
  • Bring them love and luck
  • Bring them joy and happiness

But now you don't have to travel to San Maya to share the benefits of its blessed earth. An old-world craftsman has embedded a portion of San Maya's sacred soil in a magnificent cross. Thus, he has succeeded in harnessing two of the greatest forces mankind has ever known: The power of the cross with the blessed earth of San Maya.

The result is one of the most potent symbols in the world today: The Miracle Cross of San Maya!
The Miracle Cross of San Maya

The Miracle Cross of San Maya

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