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Sigil - A Powerful Message Becomes Reality!

Welcome to the wonderful world of Sigils (pronounced sij-ills).

In the four decades since the founding of California Astrology Association, we have never had an amulet that has caused such interest, awe, and excitement.

You simply have to see a Sigil up close, in person, to appreciate its raw beauty and its mesmerizing qualities. Be prepared to being the center of attention the moment you hold this stunning piece in your hand or place it around your neck.

What is a Sigil?

A Sigil is created when a gifted psychic merges all the letters of a wish into a one-of-a-kind amulet. He then “energizes” the Sigil so the moment you take possession of your Sigil, your subconscious is implanted with this message.

In time, the wish becomes reality!

What a Sigil Can Do for You!

If you have a wish or desire that is similar to one of the Sigils listed below, allow your subconscious to manipulate events and people to bring your wish to reality.

(Note: The letters of a Sigil are embedded in various forms and sizes. Try to find the letters in your Sigil.)

Sigils are crafted in sterling silver, and range in height from 1" to 1 1/2". Chain is included.
I Will Be Rich
Love Sigil
My Lover Will Return To Me
Infinite Luck Sigil
Never Give Up
I Will Find Love

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