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Polynesian Love Beads

Polynesian Love Beads Bracelet

Enjoy the brief period when you'll have this beautiful adornment all to yourself because soon your friends will be asking where you got it.

The interconnecting strands of the Polynesian Love Beads forge an unbreakable link between you and that one special person.

The exquisitely crafted Polynesian Love Beads are assembled by craftsman who infuse each bracelet with the power to:
  • Seal an unbreakable bond between you and a loved one.
  • Change the ordinary to extraordinary.
  • Relieve tension, anger, hostility in your relationship.
  • Allow your loved one to “let go” of past animosities and recognize and appreciate your positive aspects.
  • Double your allure and sex appeal.
  • Let you shine and stand out from the rest.
Polynesian Love Beads are truly a work of art. They are a conversation piece that will draw people closer to you wherever you are. And you will find that you can't stop touching it as it has a soothing, calming effect upon you.

If you want to give yourself that extra special appeal that sets you aside from everyone else, this is the conversation piece you have been seeking. Everyone who will see what adorns your wrist will be awed by the Polynesian Love Beads’ mysterious appeal.

Instilled with an unworldly allure, and its sterling silver pieces separating the flow of beads, the Polynesian Love Beads will bring you unlimited pleasure.
Polynesian Love Beads

Polynesian Love Beads

Item #: PLB

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