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Gris-Gris Voodoo Spell

Two hundred years ago in the city of New Orleans, the ancient art of Voodoo was transformed and enhanced by a very powerful practitioner. The result was a form of voodoo known as Gris-Gris, which may have ten times the potency of traditional voodoo.

The power of Gris-Gris (pronounced "Gree Gree") is awesome. When a Gris-Gris spell is cast properly, the results can be spectacular!

Gris-Gris is sometimes referred to as the iron fist of Voodoo due to its hammer-like quality of relentless pounding until the spell takes effect. Once a Gris-Gris spell is cast, the momentum slowly builds until it becomes an unstoppable force.

The effects of Gris-Gris are immediate. Within twenty-four hours you could instinctively know that something has changed. You may experience a feeling of exuberance and enlightenment, and your outlook on life may be more positive, hopeful, and clearer.

Those who have done you wrong often encounter a force they know nothing about and are unprepared and unequipped to deal with it. They could begin to question themselves and feel powerless to change things.

Those who are positively affected by the spell may sense that something has happened to them, a profound change, but they won't know why or how. You may notice a transformation in their character and a distinct change in their behavior. Look into their eyes and you may see a different person!

If you have a need that craves to be fulfilled or a problem that won't go away, ask for a Gris-Gris spell to be cast on your behalf. Please weigh your request carefully and be sure that what you are requesting is what you truly want--for the results will be dramatic and swift.

Dear CAA,

My sincere thanks to you. I wrote you last year because my fiancee was hesitant about committing to marriage. Well, on March 25, we tied the knot. Thanks again. I owe it all to you.

St. Albans, NY
Dear CAA,

I want to thank you for the spell you cast in my behalf on March 23rd. I received the money that was rightfully owed to me. One check was for $233, the other one was for $183. I will always use your spells for every move of my life. Thank you so much.

Maybelle Burns
St. Louis, MO
Dear CAA,

In July I was informed that the home I have lived in for the past six years was to be sold at auction because the owner no longer wanted it. I had no financial means of buying this home. I wrote and had a Gris-Gris spell cast, and the auction was set for August 1st. I resolved myself that I had lost my home.

As it turned out, the auction was cancelled. My spell was cast on the 11th of August, and on the 13th of August the owner of my home offered it to me by way of a Quick-Claim deed. The reason for this was because he was unable to sell it at his price.

The home is now mine, in my name, thanks to my Gris-Gris spell. I won't lose it. Gris-Gris has yet to let me down. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for Gris-Gris.

R. Robinette
Tampa, FL
Dear CAA,

Just a note to testify. Some months ago, I ordered a Gris-Gris spell in an attempt at convincing a movie production entity to take an option on a book of mine towards the making of a movie. Within perhaps three weeks of the date of the spell, it happened. I am not at liberty to tell more about this project, but a two-year option was taken on the book with cash payment for that option. Just thought you'd like to know. Gris-Gris apparently works--big time!

Galt, CA
Dear CAA,

I am very happy with the Gris-Gris Spell that was cast on my behalf. My boyfriend did exactly what I asked for . . I won't go into details here . . but, let's just say it was a long-shot and it happened within a week after the spell was cast! Thank you Gris-Gris!

Lynn C.
Rhode Island

Results may vary. Please see our testimonials page for details.

When ordering, please be brief and clear in your request.
Gris-Gris is too powerful a force to allow for misinterpretation.

Please note that you will have an opportunity to make your request during checkout. After we receive your order, we will send you an e-mail with the date the spell will be cast, and any other instructions if necessary.
Gris-Gris Voodoo Spell

Gris-Gris Voodoo Spell

Item #: GR
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Gris-Gris Voodoo Spell with Silver Bangle

Gris-Gris Voodoo Spell with Silver Bangle

Item #: GR
Have your spell cast TWICE to increase its power?: 

Additional input about Gris-Gris Voodoo from our experts:

What is Gris-Gris?

Gris-Gris, sometimes called Gree-Gree or Voodoo Gris-Gris, is a unique and powerful form of Voodoo. It is believed capable of warding off evil and bringing good luck to oneself or of bringing misfortune to another

What does Gris-Gris mean?

There are numerous meanings for Gris-Gris: magic, power, good luck, lustful relationships, revenge, reversing bad luck...

What is a Mojo Gris-Gris bag?

When the Gris-Gris master casts his spell, he holds the Gris-Gris bag (filled with sacred texts) to give him the power and energy to fulfill the request.

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