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Burton's Double Payback Spell
Have you been wronged in a past relationship?

Or perhaps in a business deal or money matter?

If you have been betrayed in any way, Burtonís Double Payback spell could even the score, and then some.

Feelings of remorse, self-doubt...
This potent spell plants the seeds of remorse, self-doubt, sadness...and even anger with oneself within the subconscious of the person who treated you so badly.

And soon they could realize how much heartache they caused you...perhaps even finally admitting to you how they regret what they have done.

These feelings of self-condemnation could have profound implications on their everyday life:
  • They could become preoccupied with the misery caused you.
  • Feelings of regret and remorse could overwhelm them.
  • They could take on your feelings of hurt, discomfort, etc.
  • And they could be plagued with self-doubt and lack of confidence that causes them to disappoint both in the workplace and at home.
The potency of the Double Payback spell
Please note that these powerful feelings of misgivings could persist long term. So think carefully before asking Master Psychic Burton to cast this potent spell in your behalf.
Burton's Double Payback Spell

Burton's Double Payback Spell

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