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Improve Your Luck with these Charms & Amulets

The Gambler's Amulet
If you truly wish to be one of the lucky ones to win big in the lottery, at the gaming tables, in love and in life, you must possess the legendary Gambler's Amulet!
Magical Eye Amulet
Attracts positive energy as if it were a magnet! Stops negative energy in its tracks!
Since even a picture of the SAMADHI may release mystical powers, a photograph or drawing will not be shown!
Li Yuan's Temple
Do you want to attract money like a magnet? Would you like to end financial worries? With Li Yuan's Temple you could get whatever you want--riches, wealth, abundance.
Magic Square
You Shouldn't Enter a Lottery, Contest, or Any Game of Chance Without Touching the Magic Square First!
Lady Luck
When you keep Lady Luck by your side, the whole world smiles at you.
Lucky Number 7
The Mystical Number That Could Bring You... Luck, Fortune, and Happiness!
Mystic Star
The 7 points of the Mystic Star may bestow upon you the Seven Treasures of the Kings.
Money Tree
The Money Tree does exist, and it could bring you a financial windfall.
The Tibetan Key
Let the Tibetan Key open the door to your new life!
Feng Shui's Symbol of Unlimited Happiness
Possess this powerful amulet and experience all the joys and wonderment of Unlimited Happiness.
The Abyssinian Wish Box
Simply enclose your prayer or request in the Wish Box and wait for the surprise of your life.
The Strength Amulet
Enhance your emotional and physical strength...and your sex appeal.
King David's Helping Hand
Since the times of Ancient Judea, King David's Helping Hand has been sought after by professional gamblers throughout the world.
Cleopatra's Wheel
Available to the public for the first time, you can now take possession of your very own Cleopatra's Wheel and experience for yourself its Twenty-four Points of Happiness!
The Jackpot Amulet
Those who possess this legendary good luck piece say they feel a burst of positive energy merely by touching it.
Tiger Spirit Amulet
Does the spirit of the tiger run through your veins?
Atia's Sign
Legend has it that the person who possesses Atia's sign will be blessed with her unique ability to turn dreams into reality.
The Witch's Cat
Don't bet another dollar without the Cat by your side!
Lucky Leprechaun
The luck of the Irish could be yours when you bring the Lucky Leprechaun into your home.
The Circle of Prosperity
The Circle of Prosperity connects you with the right people, the best people, and acts like a magnet so they may notice you!
The Camelot Collection
Three legendary amulets that inspire love, riches, and extraordinary success.
Yarobi Luck Ring
Possess the Yarobi Luck Ring and enjoy the luck, prestige, and prosperity it could bring to your life.
Bangkok Sacred Moon Circle
This ancient piece is supposed to bring love, peace and happiness to the person who possesses it.
The Coin of Apollo
Twenty-five hundred years ago the ancient Greeks recognized the supernatural powers of a mysterious coin known as the Coin of Apollo.
The Krena Amulet
The Krena Activates your Psychic Powers!
Guardian Angel
Your Guardian Angel is by your side waiting to help you. But he may be waiting in vain if you never learned how to contact him.
The Phoenix
This powerful amulet is for anyone who wishes to stage a miraculous comeback in life. Like the Phoenix, you can rise from the ashes.
Chai (Life) Bracelet
Eighteen strands of Sterling Silver in this beautiful bracelet bring you unlimited happiness!
In the four decades since the founding of California Astrology Association, we have never had an amulet that has caused such interest, awe, and excitement.
Miracle Medallion of Glastonbury
Inside this extraordinary keepsake is the miraculous soil of Glastonbury.
The Pendant of Machu Picchu
It is believed this powerful good luck piece wards off evil spirits while providing a protective shield for its owner.
The Quinnox
Increase Your Odds of Winning Big in Any Game of Chance!
The Excalibur Amulet
If you seek a helping hand to help you through troubled waters, you should call upon the Excalibur Amulet to guide you safely to your true destination.
The Earth Bangle
The Earth Bangle calls upon the good spirits to bring good luck and good love to the person who deserves to be surrounded by friends and family.
The Kokopelli Bangle
This mystical figure has stirred imaginations because it is believed Kokopelli ensures an upward path for anyone who carries this charismatic symbol.
The Morning Star
Once you possess the Morning Star, hidden forces will be at your side -- helping you, guiding you, working in your behalf.
Circle Wood Earrings
Their beauty will spark renewed interest in you, and their metaphysical qualities will lift your spirits to heights you never believed possible.
The Dream Weaver Amulet
Lifts the Fog. Brings Clarity, Hope, Opportunity.
Gris-Gris Silver Bangle
Merely place the Gris-Gris bangle around your wrist and see for yourself how this magnificent adornment brings instant gratification and gives you a lust for life.
The Silver Bangle of Ojibwa
Once you put this magnificent piece on your wrist you'll want to wear it forever!
The Lightning Bolt Amulet
This mystical amulet brings loyalty, love and passion to those who possess it.
The Peruvian Ball
The Peruvian Ball will attract attention wherever you go. It is an original piece that you will treasure forever.
The Pharaoh's Amulet
This is a faultless reproduction of an ancient Egyptian piece that is reputed to bestow gifts of pleasure, companionship and sensuality upon its holder.
Da Vinci's Prize
Although Leonardo Da Vinci didn't consider himself a superstitious man, he professed a belief in the supernatural...
Andreika's Wicca Amulet
With the Wicca you could feel younger, invigorated, instilled with the energy and spark of youth.
Churchill Pendulum
If the Pendulum rotates clockwise, the answer is "yes;" if it rotates counter-clockwise, the answer is "no."
The Miracle Cross of San Maya
One of the most potent symbols in the world today, combining the power of the cross with the blessed earth of San Maya.
The Queen's Necklace
Valued for centuries as a treasured keepsake, the Queen's Necklace was a medieval tradition among royalty...
Miracle of the Buddha
Bring the Buddha into your home and Behold the Miracle in Your Life!
Gypsy Earrings
These legendary earrings were first worn by Gypsy kings and queens and are believed to enhance your magnetism as well as your worldly possessions.

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