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Aura Reading & Cleansing

You, like every living being, have an aura a rainbow of colors encompassing your body.

Your aura defines your past, your present, your future. Your aura determines if you will be lonely and isolated, or surrounded by loved ones. It determines if you will have money worries or be able to amass great wealth. Ultimately, your aura determines if you will be frustrated and sad or successful and happy.

A clean aura, unencumbered by imperfections, may allow the good things to enter your life.

However, if your aura is riddled with imperfections, you are unlikely to achieve your most important goals. The barriers that are present in a cluttered aura will most certainly prevent you from achieving the happiness and success you so deserve.

Once your aura is cleansed removing the imperfections and dark clouds that surround it only then can love and money flow through your aura into your life. Only then can you discover the gold mine that is waiting for you.

Remember These Words:
"Your aura is like a fingerprint; it is completely unique and represents precisely who you really are. But unlike the fingerprint, a gifted psychic can change your aura, cleanse it eliminating the clouds, the defects, the negatives. The results could be startling: your relationships could be better than ever, your love life could get a jump start, and your finances could take a quantum leap."

Ask for your Aura cleansing and get ready to enjoy your gold mine!

Dear CAA,

I would like to thank you for cleansing my Aura last month on the 17th. Since you've done this for me, my life has been much lighter. I don't feel like the world is on my shoulders anymore. I'm able to tackle problems with ease and a lot less worry.

I would recommend Aura Cleansing to anyone.

By having my Aura cleansed I strongly believe that it aided me to be calm-minded and a much healthier person.

Thank you.
Louise L.
Bridgeport, CT

Dear CAA,

I ordered an Aura Cleansing and I promptly recived my letter in the mail explaining that on September 23rd the cleansing would happen. I became so busy with my daily life that I forgot about the cleansing until the evening of the 23rd I felt a pleasant lightness, a tingling feeling. I was actually giggling because it felt so wonderful! I realized that this was the day for my Aura Cleansing and I had just experienced the beginning of it! I feel so much better already, thank you so much!

D.D. Vasquez
San Jose, CA

Please note that you will have an opportunity to make your request during checkout. After we receive your order, we will send you an e-mail with the date the spell will be cast, and any other instructions if necessary.
Aura Cleansing

Aura Cleansing

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