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Mounted Under Glass in an Exquisite Wood Frame, It's a Work of Art!

Framed Natal Charts
If you're thinking about a unique, one-of-a-kind gift for a very special person (maybe yourself), we'll create a Personalized Natal Chart just for you and mount it in a beautiful solid wood frame.

The magnificent colors and design of your personalized Zodiac Wheel will attract attention whether you rest it on your desk or hang it on the wall.

Your natal Chart is a snapshot in time, indicating where the planets were and their relationships to each other at the exact time of your birth. The chart shows the location of the Planets in the sky (including Sun and Moon), as if you were facing due South. It is divided into twelve distinct sections, or Houses.

The twelve Zodiac signs are indicated on the outer ring of your chart, with one sign for each House. Your "defining" Zodiac sign is more specifically your Sun sign. Another important sign is your Ascendant, or Rising sign. This is the House that was on the Eastern horizon at the time of your birth.

Framed Natal Chart
All of the Planets, Signs, and Houses have very specific interpretations and meanings. The Houses represent different areas of your life and area of experience. The Signs represent specific moods, energies and forms of expression. The Planets represent tendencies, motivations, and underlying urges.

The interation of these three areas (Planets, Signs, and Houses) is the foundation of Astrology!

Along with your framed Natal Chart will be a summary of the essence of each of these areas. You are one of a kind. So is your Zodiac Wheel. This beautifully designed work of art not only delineates your astrology chart but it captures your essence -- who you are and why you are.

Each of us reflects a combination of numerous character traits, many of which overlap and even contradict one another. By knowing what your various astrological signs are and how they affect your personality, character, emotions and intellectual capabilities, only then can we know the "real" you.

Our personalized, full-color Natal Charts make wonderful gifts for your family, friends, or even for yourself!

They are printed on high-quality 8-1/2" x 11" paper. We will also include information on how to read and understand your customized chart.

Please click on a chart below to see a larger image and to order.

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