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Your Customized Analysis...

This is someone capable of becoming a best friend, a person who has deep loyalties and fine values. This is also a person who can have mood swings Ė seemingly your ally one moment and your enemy the next.

Their range of emotions appears to be greater than most people, and their interests also vary more than most. Mostly good-natured and enjoying the company of a wide variety of people, they can become sarcastic when annoyed. Ruled by reason and common sense, they donít have much time or patience for those who arenít rational.

Blessed with a nicely developed intellect, this is a good person to turn to when in a difficult situation. They usually have a handle on finances, knowing exactly what they need now and will need in the future. Unfortunately, I see a tendency to be impulsive at times which detracts from their usual step by step approach, sometimes finding themselves mired in a difficult situation.

There is sensuality here, and they enjoy being physical. There is a deep-seated urge to try different things because they do tire quickly of routine and the ordinary. Their best lover is one who is willing to go to great lengths to stimulate and excite them.

They place great value on loyalty and friendship and are interested in partnerships. However, they are apt to be taken advantage of by those who are selfish and indulgent. Born with a desire to please, they feel let down when someone doesnít reciprocate their sincere, generous attitude.

In business and finance, they are likely to be successful if determined to sticking it out for the long haul. Unfortunately, they have a tendency to fall into the wrong type of venture, causing them to be frustrated in a situation they are not comfortable in. Good business sense, a great deal of common sense, and a willingness to work hard bodes well for them.

Overall, this is a kind-hearted, generous soul who will do anything for you if they allow you to get close enough. The key to winning and keeping their love and friendship is to be yourself because they can spot a phony from miles away. They know who they are and want everyone close to them to act naturally and in good faith.

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