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Job & Career Success

One Year Unconditional Guarantee
Since 1970 we've stood behind our one year unconditional guarantee: If you're not completely satisfied, we'll refund your money. Period. No questions asked.
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Spells, Charms and Dolls to Help Your Career & Bank Account Soar!
  • Does your career need an instant boost?
  • Do you need to make a lot of money quickly and easily?
  • You have come to the right place!
A Master Psychic can bless an amulet for you or cast a spell to help you be successful and enjoy life to the fullest.
Blazing Fast Money Maker Spell
You've worked hard and paid your dues. Now it's time to reap the rewards of your labor.
Gypsy, Make My Career Soar
Once your Gypsy Hypnotic spell is cast, you'll feel an inspiration from within that will propel you to greater achievements.
Andreika's Skyrocket to Success Spell
Andreika's Skyrocket to Success Spell is designed to put you on the road to success!
The Success Wanga
For those who seek success, power, fulfillment, happiness at home or at work.
The Coin of Apollo
Twenty-five hundred years ago the ancient Greeks recognized the supernatural powers of a mysterious coin known as the Coin of Apollo.
Three-In-One: Victory in Lottery/Gambling-Victory in Career-Victory in Money Matters
Itís your destiny to experience the independence and the leisure time to do what you want to do, when you want to do it.
U-Turn: From Limited to Limitless Opportunity in Career and Finances
This remarkable U-Turn spell is designed to free your imagination, allowing you to think out-of-the-box and get you moving in the right direction, both in career and in money matters.
Burton's Just Watch Me Spell
Burtonís Just Watch Me spell is designed to plant the seeds within your subconscious to help give you the determination, the direction, the motivation to triumph and succeed in areas where others have feared to tread.
Extreme Success Spell
This spectacular spell could finally set you on the right path to fulfill your true destinyÖ a destiny filled with laughter, material possessions, and being surrounded with friends and loved ones.
Invisible Spell: Soar My Career, My Earnings, My Success
This is a potent Invisible spell that is designed to open the doors of opportunity for you.
The Lionheart Commitment Spell
If your greatest desire is to be with that one special person for the rest of your life, this spell was created for you.
Coyote Leadership Spell
Others will look to you for guidance and you will discover leadership qualities you didnít know you had.
Gypsy, Make Me Rich Spell
This spell is designed to liberate your creativity, enabling you to come up with the best ideas to make money.
Money Voodoo Doll
Voodoo is a powerful mystical practice that may bring spectacular riches to anyone who believes!
Blazing Fast Happiness Expander Spell
We'll dramatically improve your state of mind and your situation at blazing fast speed!
U-Turn: From Self-Doubt to Self-Confident
Perhaps itís time for you to receive a needed injection of positive energy.
Money Tree
The Money Tree does exist, and it could bring you a financial windfall.
Treasure Trove of Riches
If youíre ready to change your life from ordinary to extraordinary, this is the spell for you.
The Phoenix
This powerful amulet is for anyone who wishes to stage a miraculous comeback in life. Like the Phoenix, you can rise from the ashes.
The Wealth Spell
Let the Wealth Spell position you to reap the financial as well as romantic windfalls you so deserve.
Triple Cast Bring Me Money Spell
This spell is for you if you don't want to go through one more day worried about your finances.
Bonanza Spell
The unique and potent Bonanza spell could spur you on to achievements and rewards you never thought possible.
Milk & Honey Spell
Are you in need of an instant surge of love, money, and happiness?
Gypsy, Make Me Unbelievably Successful
Who wouldn't want to have a bank account that is overflowing, allowing you to live a life of splendor?
U-Turn: From Ordinary to Extra-Ordinary
This remarkable U-Turn spell is designed to liberate your creative juices.
A Rich Life
Is it possible for you to be rich in money, rich in love, rich in life?
Burton's Reach for the Stars Spell
If you dream of walking in the shoes of those who succeed beyond anyoneís expectation, the Master Psychic Burtonís Reach for the Stars spell could bring your dreams to reality.
Guardian Angel
Your Guardian Angel is by your side waiting to help you. But he may be waiting in vain if you never learned how to contact him.
Andreika's Change Your Aura, Change Your Life Spell
A simple request for Andreikaís aura cleansing spell could alter your aura and begin to alter your life.
Starting Over Spell
Perhaps it's time to get rid of all the baggage and wipe the slate clean.
Miracle of the Buddha
Bring the Buddha into your home and Behold the Miracle in Your Life!
Invisible Spell: Clear My Aura
The gifted Master Psychic Mattias awaits your go-ahead to summon powerful paranormal powers to disperse the darkness from your aura.
The Last Chance Spell
If you've tried everything and failedÖ don't give up! Thereís one more thing you can try - and it's risk free!
Li Yuan's Temple
Do you want to attract money like a magnet? Would you like to end financial worries? With Li Yuan's Temple you could get whatever you want--riches, wealth, abundance.
Money Spell
When you think you have exhausted all the other options... The REAL solution may be easier than you think.
The Excalibur Amulet
If you seek a helping hand to help you through troubled waters, you should call upon the Excalibur Amulet to guide you safely to your true destination.
Zandra's Job & Career Spells
Are you in a job that is not satisfying you creatively or financially?
Three Wishes: Penetrate Lover's Inner Mind! Plant Seeds of Love! Commitment!
What if you could penetrate your loverís subconscious?
Three Wishes: Career! Recognition! Financial Rewards!
Do you feel your talents and contributions in the workplace havenít been duly recognized and rewarded?

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