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Three Wishes Spells

Three Wishes Spells
Three Wishes Spells

Studies at the University of Leningrad reveal that a “ telepathic can definitely cause drastic changes in a person’s brain-wave patterns."

Researchers from the Maimonides Institute have determined that a gifted psychic can influence the will of another person, even when situated in a distant location.

The conclusion: a skilled telepathic may cause an individual to change the way he thinks and the way he acts — no matter where he is located.

Is your life at a crossroads?

One road continues on the path you’ve been taking for quite some time.

But on the other path you will be accompanied by a gifted Master Psychic who will cast a Three Wishes spell in your behalf.

Which path will you choose to take?

Should you decide to take the new path, take a look at the various selections below and enjoy the journey!

This is your opportunity to express your most important wishes. So take your time and decide what’s most important to you.

And, most important: Go for It!

Wish BIG!

Three Wishes: Penetrate Lover's Inner Mind! Plant Seeds of Love! Commitment!

What if you could penetrate your lover’s subconscious? And once you did “get inside your lover’s head,” you could implant the seeds of love, reconciliation, and commitment? A Master Psychic is ready to call upon his formidable psychic powers to do just that and to give your relationship the much-needed boost to have it survive and thrive! Learn More

Three Wishes: Prosperity! Loving Mate! Ultimate Happiness!

Do you want it all: prosperity, a loving mate, ultimate happiness? What would you give if you could free-up and liberate your creative juices, propelling you to conquer new challenges leading to unexpected rewards? And the results being a dramatic increase in your most important relationships and a soaring bank account. This potent Three Wishes spell is designed to improve your life in ways you never thought possible. Learn More

Three Wishes: Love! Lust! Loyalty!

Do you dream of receiving love, lust and loyalty from your loved one? Do you believe it shouldn’t be just a dream but something you truly deserve? If you feel that fulfilling your desires and needs is essential for a beautiful, lasting relationship, a Master Psychic, who specializes in relationships, awaits your call to action! Learn More

Three Wishes: Reverse Negative Forces! Cancel Nemesis! Enjoy Life Again!

Are negative forces being aimed directly at you? And are they causing you anxiety, worry...even affecting your sleep patterns, as well as your daily routine? If you want this troubling and lingering situation to cease and desist ASAP, this potent Three Wishes spell could provide the needed assistance you’ve been hoping for. Learn More

Three Wishes: Growing Love! Return to Me! Reconciliation!

Having relationship problems? And are they getting worse? A Master Psychic could summon his formidable psychic powers in your behalf to help dissipate your loved one’s stubbornness and hardheadedness. So if you dream of a loving, lasting relationship, you have come to the right place. Learn More

Three Wishes: Money! Success! Good Times!

Do you want to break out of your normal routine and live the life others merely fantasize about? Do you dream of immense success that will dramatically increase your bank account? If so, you are in for a pleasant and welcome surprise. Learn More

Three Wishes: Soften Lover's Heart! Change Lover's Mind! End Heartache!

Are you willing to do almost anything to soften your loved one’s heart, change their mind...and ensure they stay with you? And once and for all, end your heartache? A Master Psychic, who specializes in such matters, awaits your call to action. Learn More

Three Wishes: Luck! Lottery! Luxury!

Have you been on the sidelines most of your life witnessing others catching that lucky break, particularly in the lottery and other games of chance? And are you envious as they lead the life of luxury? Well if you feel it’s your turn, the Three Wishes Luck! Lottery! Luxury! spell could initiate a surprisingly fast turnaround in your life. Learn More

Three Wishes: Soul Mate! Companionship! End Loneliness

Do you dream of meeting your soul mate? And having this friend and companion who will be there for you during good times and bad? And perhaps most important of all, your loneliness will be a thing of the past? This potent Three Wishes spell could help you fulfill your dreams. Learn More

Three Wishes: Career! Recognition! Financial Rewards!

Do you feel your talents and contributions in the workplace haven’t been duly recognized and rewarded? And do you sometimes feel as if you are currently running on a treadmill...going nowhere in a hurry? If so, perhaps you should consider asking the Master Psychic to summon his formidable psychic powers in your behalf, bringing you the monetary rewards and recognition you so deserve. Learn More

Three Wishes: Be a Winner! Exude Confidence! Be Sexy!

Do you feel that deep within your very being you are a winner waiting to emerge from your shell? And you can’t wait for that to happen? This potent Three Wishes spell is designed to let that very winning, very confident, very sexy feeling engulf the “right” person cannot resist you, as if pulled toward you by a giant magnet. Learn More

Three Wishes: Friends! Relatives! Work Associates!

Would you like to have more close friends? As well as relatives and work associates who are supportive of you and wish you the best? This potent Three Wishes spell is specifically designed to do just that...and much more. Learn More

What Our Amazing Clients Are Saying

Read More Testimonials
In February I ordered two spells. One from Andreika, and the other from Burton. I also ordered two Wanga Dolls, one for Money and one for Luck. . . Two months later in May, I was on the brink of suicide and had just about given up on life when I received $15,000 from an unlikely source to help me turn my life around!! I know in my heart that all of what I ordered from CAA greatly contributed to my still being on this planet and I am expecting a whole lot more in many areas of my life!!

Thank You and God Bless You CAA!!
Kathy, California
Hi! You guys cast a Retrieve A Lover Spell for me back in February. And I'd like to thank you for it. My ex and I have been back together for a month now. And it's been even better than before. I think this time it's for good. We've been talking of moving in together, and maybe getting married in the future. Things between us are great. I thank you for helping to bring him back to me. After our time apart, we've learned to appreciate each other more, and not take anything for granted.

Thank you.

I had been waiting for a department move at my current place of work, for almost a year. The management were dragging their feet and never seemed to reach a final decision. Within 24 hours of receiving my Mystic Star & Samadhi, the move was finalised.

Thank you so much,
Cheryl H.
Slough Berkshire, United Kingdom
I was skeptical at first about purchasing some items like the Love Wanga, the Lover Come Back to Me Amulet, the Retrieve a Lover Kit, and Retrieve a Lover Spell.

As soon as I brought the package into my home the power took over. I received a call from my true love and then he rushed over to my home right after I completed the spell kit. He stayed overnight as if he had never left and moved out of our home. I am anticipating great things to happen because the power is strong. I hope to write you soon and tell about the wedding.

D. Byrd

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