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Learn Your "Psychic Quotient"

After each question, place a number (1 through 4) to indicate your answer.

Use the following scale:
1=Never, 2=Rarely, 3=Sometimes, 4=Frequently

Once you answer all ten questions, click the button at the bottom to tally your score, then refer to the comments below to learn your Psychic Quotient.

1. Do you ever feel you've been in a place or a situation before?
2 . Are your first impressions accurate?
3. Can you read a person's mind, know what they're thinking?
4. Are you accurate in your predictions?
5. Do you feel if you concentrate hard enough you can make something happen?
6. Do you believe your will power is strong enough to change the way somebody feels about you?.
7. Do you overpower people with your mental strength?
8. Are you on the same wave length with certain people?
9. Do you have a "gut" feeling that something is about to occur, and it does?
10. Have you ever had an out-of-body experience?

Your Psychic Quotient:

If your total score was 35-40, your psychic abilities are superior to the general public. Your psychic skills are highly developed and you most likely know what's going through a person's mind. These attributes have probably been of enormous help to you in business matters but may prove a hindrance in matters of the heart as you sometimes know too much about the way a person ticks, too soon.

You are able to see beyond what others see, and you have a reasonably good chance of knowing what lies ahead for you in most aspects of your life. However, do not let your psychic abilities wither. Constantly challenge yourself. See for yourself if you can gaze into the future and project what's ahead.

If your total score was 30-34, your psychic abilities are excellent, and you are a cut above the average person. You have fun with the knowledge that you can delve into a person's mind and learn what makes them tick long before they have a clue about you.

In relationships, your psychic skills can come in handy, but sometimes others seem to be leery of you, afraid that you know too much about them. In other areas of your life, such as career and business matters, you read people well, are seldom taken advantage of, and can pick out a phony a mile away.

If your total score was 25 - 29, your psychic abilities are slightly above average. You sometimes can "see through" people but you can rarely, if ever, force yourself to have a psychic connection with someone - unless it happens naturally. You have a good understanding of human nature, and you know your own limitations probably better than most. You most likely experience "moments" when you are highly tuned in to the inner workings of the people closest to you; other times, these attributes seem to diminish in strength.

If your total score was 20 - 24, you have to rely on your other attributes rather than psychic intuition to get ahead in this world. Although at times you are intuitive and have a good "feel" for what will occur, you know these moments are far and few between. Therefore you have learned to be practical. You rely a great deal on your common sense, and you thrive on what you see as reality, instead of what could have been. You are a no-nonsense person who can achieve anything once you set your mind to it. You know hard work and perseverance can bring you all you need. And you don't often bother yourself with what others think of you.

If your total score was 15 - 19, your psychic abilities are limited. You simply rely upon what you know, and that is yourself. You concern yourself with what a person appears to be on the surface, and if they are not who they seem to be, you learn it soon enough. You are straight-forward and like others to be the same way. Otherwise, you feel deceived, as if they've led you down the wrong path. You expect people to give you an honest answer, not tell you one thing and then do the exact opposite. You appear to have little time for people who intentionally seem to be vague, unclear, and indecisive.

If your total score was 14 or below, your psychic instincts are minimal. Don't fret, it is not unusual for a person's psychic ability and instincts to show up later in life. Although you may be frustrated at times because you sometimes seem late in determining who your true friends are, you have learned over time to be patient and not rush to judgment. You very likely compensate for your lack of psychic ability by relying upon what is: what you've learned, your education, experience and your determination.

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