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Are You Appreciated? Do Others See the Real You?

Take this simple test (it's free), and find out if you’re getting the TLC you so deserve. Learn if others are giving you the love, attention and affection you so crave.

After each question, place a number (1 through 5) to indicate your answer.

Rank each question from one to five points:
1-almost never; 2-not too often; 3-sometimes; 4-frequently; 5-all the time.

Once you answer all ten questions, click the button at the bottom to tally your score, then refer to the comments below.

1. Are you treated special—with warmth, hugs, loving?
2. Are you able to retain your sense of humor, even in difficult times?
3. Are you getting feedback that your efforts are being noticed?
4. Do you feel appreciated by those closest to you?
5. Do you receive compliments?
6. Do you feel if you would disappear you would be sorely missed?
7. Do others see your beautiful inner you?
8. Do you feel you’re treated with respect?
9. Do you get the attention you deserve?
10. Do people notice when you’re not feeling well?

Your Score:

If your score is between 43-50, you are a person who is in contact with the “right” people. They are demonstrative in their feelings for you and are not hesitant to show it. You are lucky to be in their presence and hopefully you respond with equal affection toward them. They see you for who you really are and are elated when you succeed in life, work, etc. Most likely you inspire them and they respond with wholehearted affection. You are a lucky person, indeed.

If your score is between 35-42, you have numerous contacts, most of whom are supportive and enjoy being in your company. To create this atmosphere of friendship and cooperation, you are not reluctant to reach out and bring quality people into your life. You can spot a good person immediately and you have learned to trust your instincts. This, in fact, is one of your strongest attributes. You, indeed, are supportive of others and are rarely jealous. Although you feel more than your share of ups and downs regarding love, friendship, loyalty, caring – your overall feelings are that your emotional needs are generally being fulfilled.

If your score is between 27-34, you are receiving tender loving care, but only on occasion. And you are being denied the attention and the recognition you feel you deserve. You are the type of person who is not reluctant to praise others, yet you are puzzled when you don’t receive the same in return. At times life seems empty because you feel that close ones don’t seem to notice your higher qualities, your noteworthy achievements. You can easily accomplish many things that others struggle with; yet it often goes unnoticed. There is a sense of frustration in your life that you are giving more than you are receiving.

If your score is between 19-26, life seems to be an on-again, off-again series of victories and disappointments. You want people to see the “real” you, but more often than not they don’t seem to want to give it the time or effort. You have had more than your share of selfish individuals who primarily want to talk about themselves. And you feel you have so much to give – if only they would notice, or care, or be willing to give of themselves. You feel in your heart the “right” person is out there who can give you what you sorely need, but it is frustrating to you not to be able to make contact or discover one another. So for now, you must be content with recognizing your own achievements, regardless of how large or small, and not allow the frustrations to injure your self esteem.

If your score is 18 or less, you are searching for that person or persons who can give you the feedback, the attention you so deserve. Unfortunately, you are not presently surrounded by giving, loving people. Being recognized and appreciated is high on your list and you feel a growing sense of displeasure with your predicament. Although you are not the type of person who constantly needs positive feedback, you feel you are not getting any. And that is not satisfactory! You need to find new people and bring warmth into your life.

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