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Love Psychic Spells
Jean Claude Swann
Your Relationship Problems are My Specialty

My clients call me the Love Psychic.

For over thirty years I have provided my psychic services for a select group of clients throughout the world.

During this time I have chosen to focus my telepathic powers solely on relationship issues Ė very often quite successfully.

Beginning in early age, I have been able to telepathically contact others, often resulting in modifying their thinking, their behavior, their actions.

Frankly, at first, I didnít know what I was doing, or why. But I knew I possessed unique, powerful psychic powers, and a beloved mentor instilled within me the importance of applying these fantastic gifts in a positive way.

And even more important, he taught me that I was blessed by a higher source with the sole purpose of improving the lives of ďgood people,Ē particularly those who believed in me.

Eventually, I discovered that my powers doubled, or even tripled when applied on behalf of someone who put their faith in me.

Iím not sure why this is, but it is.

As I matured, I honed my telepathic gifts. And when I reached my early twenties, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that I could telepathically contact and impact a personís consciousness regardless of the personís location.

It became clear that it made no difference if the person was beside me or hundreds, even thousands of miles away.

And once again, Iím not sure why this is, but it is.

As the years passed, it became apparent that the more I called upon my unique powers, the greater my level of success. Now in my fifties, my telepathic powers have developed beyond my wildest expectations.

My focus is entirely on relationships. So if you are in a troubled relationship and seek with all your heart to make it better, indeed you have come to the right place.

Hereís what I can do for you!
Upon hearing from you, I will summon my psychic powers to telepathically contact your mate, lover, partner with the intent to:
  1. Implant the seeds of forgiveness, commitment, and love.
  2. Melt away their stubbornness, resentment, hostility, anger.
  3. Resolve your difficulties and elevate this most treasured relationship to heights you never thought possible.
Take a look at my Love Psychic spells below to determine which one(s) most closely describe your situation.

Twenty Love Psychic spells
Cast by The Love Psychic
Love Psychic's Miss Me, Come Back to Me spell

This spell is for you if your lover has gone away but wonít admit their strong feelings toward you, their love for you. So if you yearn for their return and know without a doubt that the two of you belong together, ask the Love Psychic to cast his potent Miss Me, Come Back to Me spell in your behalf.
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Change His/Her Mind spell

This spell is for you if your loved one appears unable to treat you with the respect and love you so deserve. Perhaps itís time to have the Love Psychic cast this powerful spell to soften your lover, opening their heart and mind. Soon they could reconsider their thoughts and actions toward you, and the two of you will be on your way to the relationship of your dreams.
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Love Psychic's Lust, Passion, Pleasure spell

This spell is for you if you are a sensual person whose inner thoughts about intimacy sometimes feel so real, itís almost as if they are really happening. But unfortunately your partner doesnít seem to share the same passion, the same desire toward you. If this indeed describes your particular relationship, I will plant the seeds of Lust, Passion & Pleasure deep within your partnerís subconscious.
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Love Psychic's Open Your Stubborn Lover's Mind spell

The Open Your Stubborn Loverís Mind spell is for you if you canít get your lover to listen, really listen to what you are saying. This spell is designed to plant the seeds to open your loverís mind and have them take into consideration your feelings. And once accomplished, your relationship should be on an immediate upswing.
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Love Psychic Urgent Return of Your Lover spell

This spell is for you if your lover is somewhere else, and you need them to wake up to the fact that the two of you belong together.
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Love Psychic's Clear Your Lover's Aura spell

This spell is designed to penetrate your loved oneís subconscious, clearing their heart and mind from the negative forces. Soon after these barriers have been dissolved, your loved oneís clean aura could allow the two of you to enjoy a relationship of affection, commitment and sweet love.
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Love Psychic's Urgent Reconciliation spell

This spell is for you if you are worried that your lover is not interested in reconciling with you. And you feel you are not being treated fairly or honestly. If this is your situation, allow the Love Psychic to plant the seeds of reconciliation deep within the subconscious of your loved one.
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Love Psychic's Cold to Warm Lover spell

This spell is for you if your lover is pulling away, not giving you the sweet, tender loving care you so deserve. You are warm, considerate and loyal to your partner, and you so crave to be treated accordingly. Ask the Love Psychic to plant the seeds of tenderness within your loved oneís subconscious...and await the tender, loving care youíll receive in this remarkable turnaround.
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Love Psychic's Stop Your Lover from Leaving spell

This spell is for you if your lover is putting more and more distance between you. Well, donít despair. The Love Psychic could plant the seeds in your loved one to:
  1. Be reasonable.
  2. Recall all that is wonderful in your relationship.
  3. Stay with you.
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Love Psychic's Breakup Their Relationship spell

This spell is for you if the love of your life is with another person, and you need that relationship dissolved once and for all.
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Love Psychic's Compatibility Wish spell

It has been proven time and time again, that if you believe Ė if you truly believe in something and are so determined to make it happen, the chances of it occurring is magnified several times over. The Love Psychic could improve the odds of successfully growing your relationship even more.
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Love Psychic's Ignite My Stagnant Relationship spell

This spell is for you if you feel your relationship is stagnant and needs to blossom if it is to survive. Let the Love Psychic cast this important spell in your behalf and wait for the good things to happen.
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Love Psychic's Life of Luxury spell

This spell is for you if you are struggling financially. Money issues often affect relationships, and an influx of money could not only clear up your financial problems but very possibly elevate your relationship to new heights.
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Love Psychic's Vanquish a Foe spell

This spell is for you if someone is standing in the way of your happiness. If your nemesis is adversely affecting your life, including your most important relationship, ask the Love Psychic to cast this potent spell in your behalf.
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Love Psychic's Lover's Attitude Adjustment spell

This spell is for you if your lover is not respecting you, and you feel as if you are being taken for granted. Above all, you want them to know how special you are and to treat you accordingly. If this sounds familiar, perhaps itís time for an attitude adjustment.
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Love Psychic's Influx of Luck spell

Plant the Seeds of Unbelievable Luck - This spell is for you if you are currently in a bad streak of luck, and it is having a negative effect on your relationship. Turn your luck from mediocre to meteoric - After all, no matter how hard we try, we all need some luck to achieve success and happiness.
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Love Psychic's Relationship Teetering on the Rocks spell

This spell is for you if you feel youíve come to a dead-end in trying to fix this all-important relationship. And itís time to ask for help before itís too late. The Love Psychic awaits word from you to focus his extraordinary psychic talents in your behalf.
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Love Psychic's Suffering from a Broken Heart spell

This spell is for you if your heart is broken and you donít know where to turn. And youíre not sure if you have the strength or stamina to turn the relationship around. If you are wondering if there are any other options open to you, perhaps you were destined to read these words at precisely this moment.
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Love Psychic's Restore Peace & Harmony spell

This spell is for you if you wish to bring your relationship to where it once was. The Love Psychicís Restore Peace & Harmony spell is designed to curb the anger and hostility, returning compromise, caring and loving back into this, your most treasured relationship.
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Love Psychic's Lover Afraid to Commit spell

This spell is for you if you feel your lover is hesitant to make the decision to be with you, and only you. And you are fearful that if they donít make this decision to be with you soon, they could eventually back away from your relationship. You truly love this person and want them to be committed to you one hundred percent.
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