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Warlock's Revenge Hexes

Warlock's Revenge!

This powerful hex is designed to stop an enemy in their tracks.

BUT you must be one hundred percent certain of your intent because the Warlock's Revenge is not something to be taken lightly. Nor is it something you should request unless you are sure the recipient is evil beyond any doubt.

So, if you have no doubt that you are justified in your quest for revenge and are searching for the best way to get even with a foe, we have a test for you.

Please answer these questions before ordering:
  • Are there times when you can't get this person off your mind and it seems as if you are haunted by their bad karma?
  • Do you have hostility towards them that will not subside, and you have no choice but to do something about it?
  • Are you certain their intent is to do harm?
  • In your heart, have you concluded this is not a good human being?
  • Are you certain beyond any doubt that this person deserves your wrath?

If you answered yes to all of the above, then the Warlock's Revenge is what you have been looking for.

WARNING: This hex cannot be reversed. Do not order the Warlock's Revenge unless you are absolutely certain that the recipient unquestionably deserves to be ruined.

Please select one or more of the following that comes closest to your need:
Warlock Couple-Destroyer Hex
No, this hex won't destroy the people, but it does aim to split their relationship beyond repair. The Couple-destroyer hex should be directed toward a couple who should not be together, and you know in your heart it's simply a matter of time before their relationship ends. Request this hex if you are tired of waiting for them to part, and you fear you're running out of time.
Warlock Payback  Hex
Something bad happened to you, and you wish to get back with a vengeance at the person who harmed you. Whatever evil intent this foe wielded at you, this hex gets back at them with lightning speed and overpowering force.
Warlock Nervous Hex
This powerful hex may cause the recipient to be insecure, nervous, constantly looking over their shoulder. They could be fearful that something around the corner does not bode well for them.
Warlock Removal Hex
Remove this person from your area, preferably hundreds of miles away.
Warlock Destruction Hex
Destroys confidence, resulting in erratic behavior, loss of friends, and poor decision-making ability. The intent of this potent hex is to deteriorate all aspects of the victim's life.
Warlock Ultimate Revenge Hex
A particularly devastating hex that subjects the recipient to your wrath. Their life is dark, their future bleak. Friends, coworkers, and loved ones seem to distance themselves further and further. The Warlock Ultimate Revenge Hex is designed to destabilize your enemy, disarming them from doing further harm.
Warlock Financial Ruin Hex
Investments turn sour, workplace proves to be a hostile environment for your enemy, and their finances turn into a nightmare.
Warlock Psychological Hex
The effects of this hex causes your enemy to be meek, unsure, always second-guessing themselves, unable to make a solid decision based on facts. The ultimate result will be a devastating internal breakdown from anxiety and fear.
Warlock Bottomless Hex
The depths of life cannot be lower than the effects of this hex. If you wish your enemy to experience the nightmare of life, this dark hex could do it.
Warlock Regret Hex
Your enemy is overcome with guilt, always berating themselves for the harm they've caused others – particularly you.
Warlock Dark Cloud Hex
Unable to enjoy life, your enemy walks around as if a dark cloud hovers above them. The recipient of this hex often finds it difficult to smile, to lighten up, to enjoy life's blessings. It appears whatever good comes to them is quickly taken away.
Warlock Failure Hex
Doomed to fail in every aspect of life, this hex puts the person in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Warlock Bankrupt Hex
Some people are destined to get the raw end of the deal, to grasp defeat from the jaws of victory. Once this hex is cast, the recipient will find it difficult to hang onto money, eventually seeing their bank account and other holdings disappear entirely.
Warlock Misery Hex
Regardless of how the day goes, this hex turns good to bad, joy to sadness, happiness to misery. Lovers and friends head for the exit.
Warlock Misery Hex
Whatever was done to you reverberates back to the aggressor – in spades! And, better yet, they will know this is punishment for the bad deeds they have willed upon others.

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