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The Tibetan Key
Actual size approx 2½" tall.

You're looking at a rarity. One of the very few adornments the Buddhist monks of Tibet, known as Lamas, allow themselves to wear.

But you don't have to live the spartan, sacrificial life of a monk to enjoy the hidden treasures of the Tibetan Key. This ancient amulet could:
  • Open doors to new relationships, new money-making opportunities.
  • Release the inhibitions that have prevented you from achieving success.
  • Lock out unfriendly forces.
  • Soften the hearts of those you wish to bring closer to you.
  • Liberate your spirit, allowing you to cast off the heavy load, the guilt, that you have carried for years.
It is said that the design of the Tibetan Key was inspired not by man, but by a greater being. Its unique shape and mystical beauty will attract attention whenever you wear it.

This is your time to enter Nirvana -- the blissful state in which you will achieve emotional happiness. Buddha achieved Nirvana in 49 days. We invite you to take an equal amount of time to let the key open the door to your new life.
The Tibetan Key

The Tibetan Key

Item #: KEY

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