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Take Part in our Psychic Survey

The California Astrology Association is conducting very important research in the field of psychic phenomenon. Please help us by filling out this online questionnaire!

All answers will be kept strictly confidential.

Please answer Yes, No, or Maybe to the following questions:
1. Do you believe some people have the ability to see into the future?
2. Have you ever had an out-of-body experience?
3. Do you believe in reincarnation?
4. Can you "will" something to happen?
5. Do you have E.S.P.? (Extra-Sensory Perception)
6. Can astrology accurately forecast the future?
7. Do you believe in spirits from the "other side"?
8. Do some amulets or charms possess supernatural powers?
9. Have you ever had a spell cast on your behalf?
10. Have you ever had a psychic reading?
11. Are your psychic powers growing stronger?
12. Have you ever moved an object merely by looking at it?
13. Do you believe in Witch Craft?
14. Do you believe that Tarot Readings can predict the future?
15. Do you believe losing weight can be controlled by your mind?

Your First Name:

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Your Birthdate: MM/DD/YYYY

Your Gender: Male   Female

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we may follow up with you if necessary:
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Thank you very much!

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We respect your privacy and will not share your email address with anyone.
Every email we send includes an unsubscribe link.