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Snake-Eater Couple Exploder Spell

Some partnerships are not meant to be. And sooner or later their union will be dissolved.

This potent spell is meant to be a facilitator. It is specifically designed to speed up the process, allowing the couple to go their own separate ways, free at last from a bond that shouldn't have occurred in the first place.

Is this you?

You know of a specific relationship that should have never taken place. You feel that one of the people involved may have entered the relationship as a rebound, possibly from you. And you - perhaps frantically - want this person back in your life. Because once the two of you are together again, all will be well in the world.

You are certain that if this current relationship continues, someone you care for so deeply will be badly hurt. And you want to spare this person the pain and disappointment of a bad relationship.

Because your heart may be breaking over the possibility the two of you may never be together again, the Snake-Eater Couple Exploder spell attempts to end the relationship quickly with finality. Otherwise, it could linger over the coming months and years.

And should that happen, we don't want you to endure the unbearable pain.

Order this spell if:
  • One or both parties are not meant for each other.
  • You are certain that one of the person's involved is on the wrong track and you must set things straight.
  • You feel that because you're looking in from the outside, you have a better perspective and can see things they can't.
  • This flawed relationship is hurting other people as well... namely you.
Once you have considered the above matter carefully and thoroughly, if you still feel you must do everything within your power to break up this couple, then this spell is for you.

PROCEED WITH CAUTION: This is a very potent spell that plants the seeds of destruction in a relationship. You should think very carefully before requesting it.
Snake-Eater Couple Exploder Spell

Snake-Eater Couple Exploder Spell

Item #: SE07
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