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Slim Ring
Wear it around your waist. It "tugs" when you begin to overindulge.

The Slim Ring is a delicate, beautiful chain worn around the waist, and it could make eating fun again. No longer will you have to worry about overeating, the Slim Ring will tell you when to stop!

Woman in a bikini wearing the slim ring around her waistPopularized by high fashion models whose livelihood depends upon their trim figures, the Slim Ring serves as a constant reminder not to overindulge in food. Wear the attractive Slim Ring over your clothing and you’ll find it to be an interesting conversation piece. Wear it under your clothing and it’ll be your personal "little secret."

How does it work?

Put the Slim Ring on in the morning and let it hang gently around your waist. Eat reasonably and moderately and you probably won’t feel the Slim Ring for the rest of the day. But, should you begin to overeat, your midsection will expand causing the Slim Ring to feel tighter. This silent, gentle reminder alerts you that you have eaten enough. When you put down your fork you will realize you are finally in control of food. Food will not be controlling you. And your new mindset will allow you to lose weight quickly, easily, permanently.

Since 90 percent of dieters regain lost weight, why subject yourself to the rigors of the latest fad diets, pills, liquids?... The moment you put on the Slim Ring, your “inner you” will take charge and you can forget dieting once and for all. The Slim Ring is the natural way to keep your body trim and slim.

It's beautiful, it's inexpensive, and it works! You will be amazed when you realize you've finally discovered the secret to permanent weight loss. Woman basking in the sun on the beach
Slim Ring

Slim Ring

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