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The Sea Change Spell

With the wind at your back, you can leave the naysayers in your wake and reach your destination quicker than you ever imagined.

If you demand an immediate and dramatic change in your life, this is what this potent spell can do for you!

  • The Sea Change spell will help you come about – putting you on the right course.
  • The Sea Change spell will fill your sails with wind – allowing the forces of nature to speed you to success.
  • The Sea Change spell will raise anchor and get you started – helping you discard the dead weight of the past that have held you back and slowed you down.
The Sea Change spell is a life-altering experience that should be perfect for you, if:

  • You feel unable to move forward as if you’re always going against the current.
  • You are proud and independent, and when the opportunity arises, you are not hesitant to take the helm and sail toward the horizon.
  • You enjoy taking calculated risks if the rewards are worthwhile.
  • You are ready for a dramatic change in your life but realize
  • you need someone to help show you the way.
What we remember most in life are those dramatic moments when it is in our interests to make a 180 degree turn. The Sea Change spell is designed to bring about a positive and dramatic turnaround in your life.

Please note that you will have an opportunity to make your request when you enter your shipping information. Shortly after we receive your order, we will send you a letter through the mail explaining the exact day the spell will be cast and any other instructions that are necessary.
The Sea Change Spell

The Sea Change Spell

Item #: SEA
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