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What if you could vastly improve the way you think, act, carry yourself and appear to others?

And what if you could have people you know, especially loved ones, have an entirely different opinion of you/

Or perhaps there is someone whom you care about so deeply. Someone you’d give anything to change, to make them a better person. To embed within their subconscious traits and characteristics that could vastly improve their outlook on life and in particular their attitude toward you.

This could be you or a loved one
Wouldn’t be wonderful if you, or someone you care about, could assimilate “the best” of an animal’s traits and characteristics, such as being charismatic, the ability to lead others, become more appealing, more alluring, or wildly successful?

The Shaman known as Dakota
This is your opportunity to have the Shaman known as Dakota focus his extraordinary psychic powers in your behalf. Upon your request, Dakota could embed within your subconscious the amazing qualities of an animal of your choice?

Become the sensational alluring, charismatic new you!
And once the spirit and “positive” characteristics of this amazing animal are implanted within your subconscious, your new appeal and magnetism could usher in a rewarding future filled with success in love, relationships and career you never thought possible.

Ready to try something new and different?
So if you’d like to be that spectacular person whom others respect and look up to, the gifted Shaman Dakota awaits word from you to summon his formidable powers in your behalf.

Soon you could feel the animal’s intensity, energy and inner beauty running through your veins.

The amazing you!
  • Those closest to you could witness your spectacular turnaround
  • Finally you’ll receive the admiration, respect and love you have sought for some time.
  • And with your self-esteem and alluring presence soaring to new heights you will feel nothing is beyond your reach.
Ready to absorb your new potent characteristics?
So if you dream of becoming the new you, this could be your moment to step up and dazzle and amaze your friends, family and coworkers.

And especially that one particular person!
Are you ready?
If the above resonates with you, then you are about to enter a period of your life that could accurately be described as transformational.

All you have to do is ask
Request the Shaman to Implant an animal’s amazing spirit within you or a loved one.

Select the animal(s) below that reflect your most desired traits and characteristics

Power Animal Spirit... of the Deer

Relationships of the Deer
This stunning creature seeks companionship, appreciates attention and when in secure surroundings is open to forming close social bonds. When not seeking food or shelter, they will plop down anywhere they feel it is safe from predators. Their entire life revolves around eating, caring for their young and resting.

Characteristics of the Deer
Captivating beauty, alert, spirited, radiant, energized, hardy, adventurous, avoids danger, daring, adaptable, graceful, seductive, irresistible, beguiling, appealing, enchanting, mesmerizing.

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Power Animal Spirit... of the Bear

Relationships of the Bear
Bears often develop strong relationships, share their food and demonstrate their love with a kiss on the muzzle.  As long as their space is not compromised, bears are not as threatening as often portrayed. They are peaceful, intelligent.... with females particularly affectionate and devoted to their young.

Characteristics of the Bear
Powerful, resourceful, protective, rugged, durable, tenacious, steady, determined, unwavering, pragmatic, reliable, courageous, unyielding, relentless, devoted, respected, safeguards home, protects loved ones.

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Power Animal Spirit... of the Cat

Relationships of the Cat
Although usually taking their time to demonstrate affection, the cat can be a very loving companion.  They’ll rub their bodies, purr, and express their warm feelings in many ways.  When in the mood these independent felines will open their hearts and display monumental affection.

Characteristics of the Cat
Skillful, flirtatious, athletic, expressive, independent, talented, clever, unpredictable, playful, humorous, dignified, loving, carefree, charming, impulsive, venturesome, magnetic, alluring, willful, unmanageable, youthful, reckless, amorous.

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Power Animal Spirit... of the Fox

Relationships of the Fox
The males are usually monogamous and prefer to mate for life.  Their display of faithfulness is rarely seen in the wild.  When alone the fox can become lonely and bored. But when bonded with a mate these “love birds” become more active, more engaged, and live longer lives.

Characteristics of the Fox
Resourceful, tantalizing, teasing, adorable, spirited, clever, calculating, smart, alive, impatient, quick, fiery, alert, intent, capable, talented, bewitching, invigorating, delightful, unique, survivor, fetching, seductive.

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Power Animal Spirit... of the Black Panther

Relationships of the Black Panther
The black panther’s striking eyes offer an irresistible lure to the opposite sex.  Panthers are normally solitary animals and do not live in prides like lions. When more than one panther is seen together, it is either a breeding pair or a mother with her offspring.

Characteristics of the Black Panther
Untamed, savvy, mysterious, coordinated, intriguing, confident, inquisitive, intelligent, determined, stubborn, willful, adaptable, protective, brave, headstrong, fascinating, sexy, secretive, seductive, magical.

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Power Animal Spirit... of the Elephant

Relationships of the Elephant
Elephants develop long-lasting relationships with their mates, often entwining their trunks in a display of affection.  They have been known to shed tears while mourning the loss of a loved one.  The obvious care and loyalty that elephants give each other is a beautiful but rare sight in the wild.

Characteristics of the Elephant
Wisdom, foresight, judgment, knowledge, strength, quiet confidence, balance, power, common sense, nurturing, secure, easy-going, loyal, protective, family-oriented, social, persistent, possessive, relentless, respect of others.

Have your spell cast TWICE to increase its power?: 

Power Animal Spirit... of the Golden Retriever

Relationships of the Golden Retriever
What else can be said about this gregarious, gentle canine...with a disposition we wish our loved ones could emulate? The Golden Retriever is a kind, loyal companion whose primary purpose in life is to give and receive unconditional love.

Characteristics of the Golden Retriever
Attracts admirers, easy-going, happy disposition, positive outlook, deep friendships, receives much affection, many compliments, amiable, social, teamwork, engaging, expressive, kind, attentive, warm, passionate, receives unwavering love, stunning looks.

Have your spell cast TWICE to increase its power?: 

Power Animal Spirit... of the Wolf

Relationships of the Wolf
The wolf displays its love when cuddling closely with its mate.  Once bonding occurs, they are monogamous and remain together for the rest of their lives.  Above all, wolves are loyal and protective of each other and their offspring.

Characteristics of the Wolf
Cunning, intelligent, stable, family-oriented, forms alliances, tough, energetic, tenacious, forceful, athletic, calculating, bold, entrancing, gutsy, high-spirited, unafraid, unshakable, resolute, supportive, honorable, survivor.

Have your spell cast TWICE to increase its power?: 

Power Animal Spirit... of the Lion

Relationships of the Lion
Surprising to many people who are in awe of the lion’s fierce reputation, they are very affectionate. Lions will lick one another, rub heads together, lie close to each other and remain with their partners throughout the rest of their lives.

Characteristics of the Lion
Commands respect, dominant, mighty, courageous, dignified, ferocious, proud, independent, backbone, self-assured, merciless, hypnotic, seductive, authoritative, prosperous, valiant, noble, self-assured, heroic.

Have your spell cast TWICE to increase its power?: 

Power Animal Spirit... of the Hawk

Relationships of the Hawk
Hawks often remain loyal to their mates for a lifetime.  These predators could also be considered love birds for their remarkable displays of affection toward one another.  They have been seen flying together, locking talons and diving at great speeds before splitting apart.

Characteristics of the Hawk
King of its domain, quick thinking, fast, speed, agile, receives high regard of others, calculating, spirited, protects its own, self-assured, fearless, brave, loyal, one not to mess with, physical beauty, magnetic, mesmerizing.

Have your spell cast TWICE to increase its power?: 

Power Animal Spirit... of the Thoroughbred Horse

Relationships of the Thoroughbred Horse
Because the horse possesses the ability to smell human emotions, they are particularly equipped to please anyone who displays affection toward them. They are easy-going, nurturing, innate healers who unselfishly give themselves to others.

Characteristics of the Thoroughbred Horse
Accumulates riches, winning mentality, enjoys being pampered, determined, hot-blooded, agile, spirited, success oriented, not a quitter, dignified, sensitive, strong-willed, unwavering loyalty, composed, sturdy, gallant, attracts admirers, statuesque, a head turner.

Have your spell cast TWICE to increase its power?: 

Power Animal Spirit... of the Bengal Tiger

Relationships of the Bengal Tiger
Bengal Tigers are sensitive, emotional and capable of great love. However, if their habitat is being invaded, they can become anxious. Thus, when threatened, their fight-or-flee instincts take over...with the former prevailing most of the time. The Bengal Tiger is territorial, as well as possessive, and the desire to protect a mate and their cubs becomes paramount.

Characteristics of the Bengal Tiger
Talented, leader, daring, inspiring, warrants respect, magnetic, dynamic, unpredictable, impressive, fierce, independent, fearless, irresistible, confident, provocative, beguiling, unafraid, respected, courageous, charisma, imperial.

Have your spell cast TWICE to increase its power?: 

Power Animal Spirit... of the Mountain Gorilla

Relationships of the Mountain Gorilla
Often driven by emotion, the Mountain Gorilla can display great love and affection one moment, and unbridled anger the next. However, the majority of the time this gentle giant is family-oriented with great loyalty and devotion. They are known to flirt and have a sly sense of humor.

Characteristics of the Mountain Gorilla
Unmatched strength, capable, devoted, stable, content, family-oriented, intimacy, loving, kinship, peaceful, cooperative, warmth, nurturing, captivating, unshakable, gentle, softhearted, compassionate, self-assured.<

Have your spell cast TWICE to increase its power?: 

Power Animal Spirit... of the Bison

Relationships of the Bison
A bison’s preference is to stick together and remain an integral part of the flock.  Although perceived as strong and resilient, the bison has a sensitive nature and prefers not to stand out from the crowd.  Because the bison stresses easily, one does not want to taunt them and receive the blunt of their anger.

Characteristics of the Bison
Awesome, imposing, enduring, formidable, potent, hardy, secure, protective, cooperative, consistent, earnest, capable, reliable, overpowering, unconquerable, persistent, durable, unyielding, tenacious, resolute, gallant, intimidating.

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Power Animal Spirit... of the Dolphin

Relationships of the Dolphin
Friendly and sociable, dolphins are known to form meaningful, long-lasting relationships.  When bonding with a mate, they not only learn their mate’s “whistle,” but can accurately copy it.  Like humans, dolphins easily communicate with each other.

Characteristics of the Dolphin
Extremely bright, playful, humorous, quick learner, cooperates easily, creative, fun loving, protective, prefers joint ventures, adventurous, daring, unconventional, one-of-a-kind, shrewdness, reason, learning, clear thinking, spirited, talented, derring-do, opportunist, bold.

Have your spell cast TWICE to increase its power?: 

Power Animal Spirit... of the Giraffe

Relationships of the Giraffe
Giraffes are gentle giants who, although possessing an amiable nature, often keep to themselves. They are wary of anyone who invades their space and have powerful legs that keep predators at bay.  Giraffes are warm to their mates and extremely loyal to family. 

Characteristics of the Giraffe
Elegant, ravishing, enlightened, brainy, inventive, creative, head-turner, fascinating, aloof, independent, poised, understanding, alert, tranquil, enchanting, coordinated, stunning beauty, judicious, good judgment, sophisticated.

Have your spell cast TWICE to increase its power?: 

Power Animal Spirit... of the Coyote

Relationships of the Coyote
Close ties to loved ones are typical of the coyote. Together they search for food and ward off enemies. This close family bonding not only fulfills their social needs but allows their love relationships to flourish.

Characteristics of the Coyote
Intelligent, prowess, imaginative, street smarts, survivor, family-oriented, brave, daredevil, venturous, gutty, charming, forms alliances, enthusiastic, quick-witted, charming, calculating, fearless, nervy, tenacity, enterprise, indomitable attitude.

Have your spell cast TWICE to increase its power?: 

Power Animal Spirit... of the Golden Eagle

Relationships of the Golden Eagle
Golden Eagles are devoted parents, as well as faithful mates. They share nest-building, child-rearing, and feeding responsibilities. And it is not unusual to see eagles displaying signs of affection. Legend has it that the eagle is the symbol of lasting love. And animals in love will go to great lengths to protect their mates.

Characteristics of the Golden Eagle
Noble, proud, confident, admired, potent, dynamic, impressive, devoted to family, resourceful, highly skilled, leadership, formidable, dominator, fearless, commands respect, takes charge, controls environment, fascinating, magnificent appearance, sovereign of its territory, adored, numero uno.

Have your spell cast TWICE to increase its power?: 

Power Animal Spirit... of the Cheetah

Relationships of the Cheetah
The female cheetah prefers to live a solitary life, raising her cubs alone. The male cheetah, however, thrives in small groups.  Cheetahs are particularly affectionate with their young, cleaning them, playing with them, and teaching them to hunt.  The cheetah is blessed with not having any natural enemies.

Characteristics of the Cheetah
Statuesque, graceful, speed demon, energized, keen, sharp, robust, head of pack, competitive, positive, vigorous, determined, gifted, enthusiastic, daring, resolute, glamorous, bravura, gallantry, backbone, cool.

Have your spell cast TWICE to increase its power?: 

Power Animal Spirit... of the Killer Whale (Orca)

Relationships of the Killer Whale
Orcas are highly social animals that thrive in closely-knit family groups.  While maintaining constant communication, Orcas work closely together to collect food, as well as protect their mates and offspring.  Male Orcas are often seen as companions and playmates to the younger Orcas.

Characteristics of the Killer Whale
Hunter, respect of others, highly intelligent, gifted, dominant, curious, adaptable, surprisingly fast, powerful, fearless, aerodynamic, keen awareness, social, team-oriented, seeks collaboration, no enemies, awe-inspiring.

Have your spell cast TWICE to increase its power?: 

Power Animal Spirit... of the Swan

Relationships of the Swan
Legend has it that “If you want monogamy, marry a swan.” A symbol of love is of two swans swimming with their necks entwined in the shape of a heart. Swans usually have one lifetime love and sometimes die from a broken heart after their mate dies.

Characteristics of the Swan
Physical beauty, hypnotic, captivating, elegant, interesting, enchanting, adored, envied, aloof, self-assured, intriguing, stands out, distinctive, exquisite, dazzling, classy, enticing, refined, stunning, alluring, attracts attention.

Have your spell cast TWICE to increase its power?: 

Power Animal Spirit... of the Wolverine

Relationships of the Wolverine
Wolverines are solitary animals, very territorial, and often hostile toward others...even with those of the same species. During the mating season, however, females will accept males but still distance themselves from other females. The male wolverine is polygamous.

Characteristics of the Wolverine
Powerful, pound-for-pound champion, adaptable, fearless, tireless, relentless, opportunist, resourceful, fierce, clever, smart, tenacious, keen instincts, determined, goal-oriented, punches above weight.

Have your spell cast TWICE to increase its power?: 

Power Animal Spirit... of the Owl

Relationships of the Owl
Owls generally keep to themselves.  However, when falling in love, they usually mate for life. They often return to the same nest site year after year where they engage in elaborate courtship rituals.  However, if something happens to one of the pair, the survivor will usually find another mate.

Characteristics of the Owl
Intelligent appearance, majestic, wise, spellbinding, reigns supreme, demands respect, adaptable, clever, outsmarts others, captivating, enchanting, mesmerizing, unfailing confidence, all-knowing, alluring presence.

Have your spell cast TWICE to increase its power?: 

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