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Potion Spells

In today's modern world, there exists a mere handful of expert practitioners trained in the ancient art of casting potion spells.

The California Astrology Association is fortunate to have the exclusive services of one of these gifted men.

A potion spell requires the gathering of a fresh selection of rare ingredients that when mixed together form an elixir with mystical powers that has no limits as to time and space.

(Note: The elixir of ingredients is used up the moment the spell caster finishes casting the spell.)

So wherever you are, in whatever land you may reside, no matter what your wish or fantasy or worry or concern, a potion spell could make your life whole again.

Take a look at the following potion spells and see which one(s) address your specific needs.
Love Potion #9 Spell Love Potion #9 is the ultimate love spell! Is this you?
  • You have a wealth of love to give and you are simply waiting for the "right" person to give it to.
  • You often have fantasies about how you would communicate, joke with, and make love to the person of your dreams.
  • In your opinion, the meaning of life is rather simple: Journey through life, experiencing the rough times and good times, with the love of your life who is as loving and as giving as you.
  • You want to experience the happiness and joy that you see in some couples who are "meant to be with one another."

If you answered yes to all of the above, the Love Potion #9 spell could be your ticket to a life of fulfillment, joy, and happiness.
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Infatuation Potions Spell If you have your eye on someone who isn't giving you the attention you deserve, you have come to the right place. At your beck and call is an expert who, upon hearing from you, will mix a potent elixir to enchant that special person with your "enhanced" aura. After this spell is cast, you will feel its effects from within. You will feel invigorated with strength, and you will have a premonition that something great is about to occur in your life. Soon, others will begin to notice that you cast off a glow of self-confidence, humor, and a special attractiveness that will be something to behold! And as for that special person, he or she will not only notice you but become infatuated with you. The Infatuation Potion spell is designed to dramatically enhance your aura making you irresistible to the person you desire.
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Renewed Love Potion Spell "It's not the road you travel, it's who you travel the road with."
- Anonymous
If you are in a relationship that is faltering and headed rapidly downhill, you need to act now! Doing nothing is not an option. With the proper selection of ingredients blended together to form a powerful elixir, a Renewed Love Potion spell will be directed to the mind and body of the one you love. Once this powerful spell takes hold, the elixir becomes part of him or her, and thus will begin a remarkable change in their attitude. Their affection for you will become increasingly evident until finally you'll experience the joys and happiness of a relationship you perhaps thought was out of reach.
Have your spell cast TWICE to increase its power?: 
Cast-Away Potion Spell There are few things more troubling and disheartening than knowing an antagonist is getting the better of you. If someone you know is causing you stress and worry, you owe it to yourself to do something about it. Let our expert in the art of casting potion spells make an elixir that will soften the hard heart of the one who is harassing you. And once this person feels the change from within, they will experience vulnerability, weakness, and an increasing sense of anxiety. This remarkable spell is designed to weaken your antagonist and redirect their focus away from you. (Please note that the Cast-away Potion spell is quite potent and should be applied only if you are certain this person deserves the most severe consequences.)
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Money Potion Spell It may be true that money can't buy you love, but it can certainly ease the way. In fact, the number one cause of disputes in marriage happens to be money-related. So whatever your reason for needing additional funds, the Money Potion spell is designed to ease your way to a more secure financial future. With an elixir of carefully selected ingredients, our gifted spell caster will telepathically cast a broad net to help you connect with opportunities that you may have otherwise missed. The immediate goal of the Money Potion spell is to increase your net worth ASAP!
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Lust Potion Spell If your love life lacks passion and excitement, you are in for a very special surprise. A special elixir will be created specifically for you, and it will enable the spell-caster to greatly enhance the passion and lust (and fun) in your life. Now, you may ask, how can this be so? With passion herbs and other psychic stimulants, once the Lust Potion spell is cast, your aura and that of your loved one will be stimulated many times beyond its current capacity. The Lust Potion spell is like no other. You'll just have to try it to believe it.
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Breakup Potion Spell This is not the type of spell we like to publicize. First, because it is a negative spell. Second, because it is a particularly devastating spell. Third, because the Breakup Potion spell has a high rate of success. So we leave the decision to you. But we urge you to think it over very carefully before you request it. It is that powerful. Please answer these two questions: Do you know a couple out there that should not be together? And are you certain that at least one of the two people involved would be better off once this relationship is dissolved? If you answered yes to both questions, then we'll create a special elixir to give substance and power to the Breakup Potion spell that will be directed to that particular couple!
What are the couple's names?:
Have your spell cast TWICE to increase its power?: 

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