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Gypsy Monkey Spell

One of the great Gypsy Hypnotic spells, the Monkey spell is designed to dramatically swing your life in the right direction.

If you're hurting for money, the Monkey could lead you to it. If you are down on your luck and need an influx of good fortune, the Monkey could show you the way. And if your relationship needs to be straightened out, the Monkey can show you how.

Like the monkey, you will begin to move effortlessly in the right direction in all aspects of your life. If currently you are in a difficult situation, the Monkey will assure that you will land on your feet, not raising any dust in the process.

And all the while, you will be succeeding with the knowledge that you have had the powerful force of the Monkey on your side.

So, if you are in dire straits involving a personal relationship, the Monkey will penetrate your partner's subconscious, alerting them to what a beautiful future the two of you can have together.

Or if someone close to you is acting irrationally, the Monkey can convince them to do the "right" thing.

And if your bank account needs an influx of cash, the Monkey could illuminate the unique and simple ways to increase your net worth.

Do these thoughts enter your mind?
  • I know I can be successful. All I need is a little luck.
  • I'm a proud person, but there is a time when even the rich and famous call upon someone or something for spiritual or metaphysical guidance.
  • This is my time to make great strides in life.
  • I know I have the brains and ability to get what I want... Just help me get started and I'll take it from there.
  • I want that breakthrough to happen now, not a month or a year from now.
  • I've had good times and bad. But from now on, I just want the good times.
  • My experience and street smarts can work to my advantage if only I were given a chance.

So if you want to experience a sea change in your life, the Gypsy Hypnotic Monkey spell is for you.
Gypsy Monkey Spell

Gypsy Monkey Spell

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