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Gypsy Eye for an Eye Spell

A very effective way to even the score with someone who has it in for you.

This Gypsy Hypnotic spell is designed to pierce the offender's defense system, injecting a sense of insecurity and weakness that will cause them to back off from their harassment of you.

If this person has been intent on doing you wrong, you must do all you can to dissuade them from their harmful ways. The Eye for an Eye spell gets to the heart of the matter quickly and very effectively.

Do these words reflect your feelings?
  • I want to stop this person in their tracks!
  • I need to get this person off my back.
  • I cannot accomplish much knowing this person has it in for me.
  • I want to do something about it right now, and I'm not going to take their harassment any longer.
  • I get upset and stressed out when I think of the harm they are causing me.
  • I am not a vindictive person, but in this instance I want this person to receive what they deserve.
  • I want justice.
  • I need to get on with my life and stop thinking about this.
  • This person is going to be sorry they ever tangled with me.
  • I am angry and when that happens somebody is going to pay.

If these thoughts reflect your current state of mind, the Gypsy's Eye for an Eye spell could even the score - quickly and once and for all!
Gypsy Eye For An Eye Spell

Gypsy Eye For An Eye Spell

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