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The Compatibility Report

In any relationship, the more you know about the other person the better it is for you in the long run. Better to learn the strengths and weaknesses now than to realize later on that some of your partner's habits drive you to despair.

This important astrological reading offers many benefits to the person who wants to learn more about compatibility with a specific person. Some of the questions to be answered in this reading are:
  • Do the two of you have the same wiring? And are you on the same wavelength? If so, will the chemistry last?
  • Do you enjoy similar interests, activities, hold the same opinions of others?
  • Do you have the same level of integrity, compassion for others, and willingness to compromise? Are your aspirations and goals similar? Will the two of you meld together as a united front, or will you become polarized in time with significantly different outlooks on life? Will you forge an unbreakable bond, or will the two of you slowly pull away and eventually become strangers in the same house?
  • Are you already noticing faults that you are repressing, perhaps even being in denial, for fear that this relationship won?t last? Are you thinking clearly, or is your quest for settling down overriding your common sense?
  • When encountering difficulties, will the two of you be able to work things out in a calm, rational manner, or will it lead to heated debates and unrelenting arguments?
  • And, finally, will the two of you grow more in love, or will the opposite occur? In effect, is this a good match?
What can be more important than a marvelous partnership between two loving, giving people? This is what each and every one of us strive for. Therefore, it is imperative that you explore every aspect of this relationship, to learn as much as you can, so that you know what lies ahead in your future.

Only by exploring in depth whether or not this is a workable compatibility, only then can you make an educated, rational, and heartfelt decision.

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The Compatibility Report

The Compatibility Report

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