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The Witches' Bangle

Witches' Bangle Image Witches' Bangle Image
This eye-catching adornment first gained notoriety in the sixteenth century in Eastern Europe when people of wealth and power wore it.

Legend has it that the Witches' Bangle was created by a powerful Warlock who instilled in it the powers of luck, good fortune and harmony.

Wear the Witches' Bangle and,
  • See how others are mesmerized by its beauty.
  • Soften the hard-hearts around you.
  • Lure the "right" kind of people to you.
  • Locate the avenue to your financial security.
  • Attract the one you seek.
The Witches' Bangle is a substantial piece made of
silver and high polished to a fine sheen.
Witches' Bangle

Witches' Bangle

Item #: B01

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