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Sierra Bracelet

Sierra Bracelet Image For sheer beauty alone, the Sierra bracelet will give you welcomed moments of pleasure. Add to that, Sierra's mystical gifts and you will wonder how you survived all these years without this precious piece.

Experience for yourself its electrifying qualities

Place Sierra on your wrist and feel its nurturing qualities. Feel its spirit infiltrating your very being, and then sit back and await for good things to happen.

How Sierra Could Effect You...
  • Renews forgotten hope.
  • Prepares you to move on from past disappointments.
  • New ideas, new people, new endeavors present themselves to you.
  • Smiles will come easy to you, making you more alluring.
  • Moments of peace, laughter, and good company appear with greater frequency.

Sierra Bracelet Closeup
Made of Solid Sterling Silver

Once you take possession of Sierra, you'll feel energized, while those closest to you will notice a renewed twinkle in your eye.

We have a special fondness for this silver bracelet and believe you will be spellbound the moment you affix it to your wrist.
The Sierra Bracelet

The Sierra Bracelet

Item #: B06

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