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Fleur De-Lis

Fleur De-Lis Necklace
The mystical origins of the Fleur de-lis have captured imaginations throughout the centuries. Some say its unique design depicts the tear shed by Eve as she left the Garden of Eden. Others claim it is the shape of a dove descending from the heavens.

Possess the Fleur de-lis and experience:
  • Romantic love
  • Passionate love
  • Enduring love

Why shouldn't you experience the joy and fulfillment that only a loving relationship can bring? The Fleur de-lis is your expression of faith that companionship, faithfulnes, joy and commitment await you.

Wear the Fleur de-lis and feel its remarkable powers honing in on the one you wish to bring closer to you. It is a good luck piece that has endured for centuries, and when you place it around your neck, you will feel its warmth radiating throughout your body.

One of the most beautiful emblems ever created, the Fleur de-lis is made of pure sterling silver and will be a treasured piece as long as you keep it.
Fleur de-lis Necklace

Fleur de-lis Necklace

Item #: FDL

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