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Cleopatra's Wheel

Cleopatra's Wheel Necklace
Ancient Egyptian proverb: Possess Cleopatra's Wheel and as with the center of the universe all attention is drawn toward you.

The origins of Cleopatra's Wheel date back to the time of Cleopatra in ancient Egypt. Believing she was a descendant of the gods, Cleopatra alone possessed this sacred Medallion in the belief she would be blessed with its twenty-four points of happiness:

Cleopatra's Wheel contains twenty-four spokes, each of which represents your connection with the world physically and spiritually. The famous queen believed that when she affixed this stunningly beautiful amulet around her neck, it drew attention to ALL of her special qualities, not only her remarkable beauty!

Available to the public for the first time, you can now take possession of your very own Cleopatra's Wheel and experience for yourself its Twenty-four Points of Happiness:

1. Love
2. Companionship
3. Laughter
4. Allure
5. Inner peace
6. Neutralized enemies
7. Romance
8. Confidence
9. Self-esteem
10. Sex appeal
11. Luck
12. Material wealth
13. Loyal Friends
14. Beauty
15. Excitement
16. Admirers
17. Security
18. Physical well being
19. Intimacy
20. Hope
21. Success
22. Foresight
23. Wisdom
24. Sweet life

Cleopatra's Wheel Necklace If you seek to draw attention to yourself and have others see the real you both your inner and outer beauty you are in for a real treat. The moment you affix this spectacular amulet around your neck, BE PREPARED TO BE NOTICED!!!

Cleopatra's Wheel should bring you the excitement and romance you yearn for as it draws attention to all of your remarkable attributes.

It will be unlike anything you've ever experienced previously.

Made of pure sterling silver, Cleopatra's Wheel could elevate you to the pinnacle of life.
Cleopatra's Wheel

Cleopatra's Wheel

Item #: CLE

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