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More Spells by Andreika the Witch

It has been my pleasure to have cast spells exclusively for the California Astrology Association for the past twenty-eight years.

Recently, many of my clients, some of whom are scattered throughout the world, have informed me that times have never been more difficult. With this in mind and because of your numerous requests that I expand my selection of spells, I believe you will be happy with what you are about to see. Click here for the original Andreika Spell

I look forward to hearing from those of you whom I consider to be in my "coven," as well as from you newcomers who are coming to me for the first time.

Please note that you will have an opportunity to make your request during checkout. After we receive your order, we will send you an e-mail with the date the spell will be cast, and any other instructions if necessary.

This spell of spells elevates you to the alpha position. You could become Numero Uno, the person in charge, the one others look up to!

If you are determined to have the power and authority to call your shots, this Herculean spell is what you need.

No longer will you have to take orders and follow the lame direction of others. The Lord & Master spell is designed to positively affect your career, your relationships and especially your love life.


Should Andreika cast your spell TWICE to increase its power?: 

Success can be measured in a number of ways: by the material possessions you've accumulated, your career accomplishments, your love life, your friendships...

This spell is designed to put you on the road to success so you can achieve all of the above. For this spell, Andreika casts a broad net covering career, finances, luck, relationships and most of all your happiness.

For what is the accumulation of wealth and power without the ultimate gift of enjoying every minute?

Do not underestimate the benefits of this remarkable spell.


Should Andreika cast your spell TWICE to increase its power?: 

Are you in love? Do you want that special someone to love you as much as you love them?

If you want it all: love, loyalty and commitment, the Lightning Bolt Love spell is intended to pierce the armor of resistance. And once your intended has an "attitude adjustment," you will be well on your way to being the envy of all who know you.


Should Andreika cast your spell TWICE to increase its power?: 

Weary of wasting money on weight-loss programs that are ineffective? Andreika believes it's all in the mind. This spell instills in you the willpower to eat "reasonably."

Andreika will call upon your inner spirits of strength and resolve to rise to the surface and make it easy for you to resist indulging. It could be only a matter of time before you look in the mirror and see the person you want to be.


Should Andreika cast your spell TWICE to increase its power?: 

Wealth can be accumulated in a number of ways. But to make it easier for money to come to you, you must emote an air of success and confidence. When Andreika implants the seeds of financial wealth within you, you will feel a surge of energy flow through your very being.

The Money Maker spell is designed to bless you with good luck and good fortune.


Should Andreika cast your spell TWICE to increase its power?: 

It is time for you to forget the past. From the moment this unique spell is cast in your behalf, you will be able to sit back and laugh at your past failures. Why? Because you will instinctively realize that it is only a matter of time before things begin to go your way. In spades!

This spell is designed to bring you the best luck, the fastest luck, the "ridiculous" luck to bring you all that you desire. Soon, you will hold your head up high knowing your struggles are in the past. And those closest to you will marvel at your incredible transformation.


Should Andreika cast your spell TWICE to increase its power?: 

Here is one of Andreika's most comprehensive spells. Its broad strokes could affect any aspect of your life: from your relationship issues of romance and love, to your bank account, or perhaps to an unexpected problem with no apparent solution in sight.

So, if you have eyes on a new love, or seek the return of long lost soul… Make a Wish. If your career is languishing and your efforts need to be recognized… Make a Wish. Or perhaps an intimate relationship needs tweaking, or a good friend is ignoring you, or maybe a neighbor is creating havoc… Make a Wish.

If something is causing you stress and worry and is about to overwhelm you, simply tell Andreika your most important wish, and leave the rest to her.


Should Andreika cast your spell TWICE to increase its power?: 

What could be more frustrating than to be ignored by the person you wish would make passionate love to you?

If you are tired of your love life being one-sided and you want to add spark and fire to your relationship, leave it to Andreika. This spell is designed to instill Lust and Passion in that special person who will give you a wicked smile and a mischievous look that you have never seen before.

Note: If you're not prepared to make uninhibited love, think carefully before requesting this spell.


Should Andreika cast your spell TWICE to increase its power?: 

This remarkable spell highlights your very appealing characteristics, bringing them to the surface so the "right" people will see your true beauty. Once this spell is cast, you will instantly feel more confident and be "happy in your skin."

Your new attractiveness and appeal will radiate out in all directions, making each day better than the previous one. (Wait 'til your friends and loved ones see the new you!)


Should Andreika cast your spell TWICE to increase its power?: 

Are you involved with someone who is afraid to commit? Or perhaps there is a financial or business deal pending that seems to be going nowhere. This spell is designed to bring closure - quickly and in your favor.

If you're fed up with the hassle and are tired of the never-ending negotiations, it's time to take matters into your own hands. You need Andreika on your side to Seal the Deal.


Should Andreika cast your spell TWICE to increase its power?: 

If you strongly feel a particular relationship is destined to fail and are certain the two people involved truly don't belong together, Andreika can exert her powers to speed up the matter.

But be careful, this is a powerful spell! Think it over very carefully before bringing Andreika into the picture.


Should Andreika cast your spell TWICE to increase its power?: 

Is your career floundering? Perhaps someone in the workplace is standing between you and success, blocking your advancement. Or maybe your supervisor simply doesn't realize your potential.

This spectacular spell helps you to not only advance in your career, but to do it effortlessly and quickly.

Be prepared to take a gigantic step upward with more money, more independence and more control of your destiny. This spell is designed to help you leap over the barricades that have unfairly been blocking you.


Should Andreika cast your spell TWICE to increase its power?: 

Andreika doesn't like to cast negative spells because she only hears one side of the story and doesn't want to harm an innocent person. So only if you are certain you are not mistaken, and that a specific person is out to do you wrong, only then will Andreika do your bidding.

But please heed this warning: Andreika's Wicked Revenge spell is a formidable spell that you should think over very carefully before requesting. If you feel there is an individual with bad intent who is causing you to suffer a fate you don't deserve, let it be known that Andreika will treat your situation as if it had happened to her! And heaven help that person. Enough said.


Should Andreika cast your spell TWICE to increase its power?: 

Tired of the opposite sex looking over your shoulder? This explosive spell is designed to ignite the spark of desire in the heart and soul of the person you are attracted to.

And once they set eyes on you, their lips may form a wicked grin, and their eyes may glisten in anticipation. The look on this person's face could tell you all you want to know: That they now have discovered you are "the special someone" they crave to hold, caress and make love to with wild abandon.


Should Andreika cast your spell TWICE to increase its power?: 

Important - Please Read!

Casting a spell or creating a good luck piece is more art than science, and even the most gifted psychic will not be successful every time. Anyone who tells you otherwise is not being honest. This is why the California Astrology Association offers a one-year unconditional guarantee: If you're not completely satisfied, we'll refund your money. Period. No questions asked.


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