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How does your lover rate?

Are you compatible with your lover... or someone you just met? Take this free quiz and you may be surprised with the results!

Have a particular person in mind? Curious if they are right for you? Would you like to know how this person ranks in terms of their compatibility with you?

Here's your chance to read a fascinating analysis of a specific person you're interested in. Simply answer the questions in our unique questionnaire and you may learn a great deal about their strengths and weaknesses, your compatibility with this person, and the chances of success in a long term relationship.

Directions: Rate each question from 1 to 10 (1 being the lowest, 10 being the best). For example, if you think this person has a terrific personality, you might want to give him or her a 9. Answer every question the best you can, not lingering too long before answering. If you are unsure, or can't answer a question, we suggest you mark 6 for that rating and move on to the next question, but do not leave any blank.

Sense of humor
Easy going
Likes children
Good listener
Willing to compromise
Values friendship
Sex Appeal  
Physically attractive
Potential to be good lover
Interested in sex
Willing to experiment
Turns you on
Appealing mannerisms
Common sense
Willing to learn
General Health  
Physically active in daily routine
Eats healthy
Weight compared to height
State of health
Hard worker
Works well with others
Happy in career
Makes good living
Potential to do better
Stable job
Good provider
Fiscally responsible
Potential to attain wealth

Your Lover's Rating:

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